The integrated simulation system of wheel running equipment

Along with the continuous development of railway and rail transit in China, the number of people working on railway and rail transit line for construction and maintenance is also increasing. In order to maintain the normal operation of rail transit, maintenance of the line is an important part, power supply and other departments also important. The relevant work personnel's operation skills and the ability to deal with an emergency in line construction, maintenance and maintenance but also play a crucial role in the process, related to the line can be on time according to the normal passenger operation point is very important.

But now, the relevant personnel is still in the traditional mode is given priority to, a lot of practice of the real environment is complementary, but a lot of practice of the real environment is a little opportunity, other is caused by the low efficiency.

Solution’s advantages:

Since the wheel running equipment comprehensive simulation system for students provides a realistic platform, a lot of practice can avoid the real environment caused by the line and occupy the resource consumption, can be on the premise of safety, efficient drivers to improve construction workers operating skills, strain capacity, and exception handling capacity.

A completed teaching, practice, assessment module, carried out in accordance with the contextualized module function design, with functions of guidance and evaluation, "teaching, learning, practice," perfect fusion.

A full 3D slip: the practice of the platform of interaction , the size of the virtual vehicle equipment, appearance, color, material, layout and actual vehicle has been, function and control logic.

Contextualized mode: on the basis of full three-dimensional exercise environment, adopting contextualized mode, pay attention to student's participation and interaction, avoid monotony, the multimedia teaching implementation "learning, practice," perfect and unified.

Technical advantages:

System USES computer simulation and virtual reality technology, equipped with the wheel running equipment cabin, driving work station, work station, combined with large arc screen projection system, can realistically simulate the wheel running equipment operating environment, running environment, the emergency vehicle characteristics, fault and simulation, etc.


Full screen machine, tamping car, stability,plastic car with slag, steel rail flaw detection car, rail grinding, rail vehicle, catenary work car, etc. Since the wheel running equipment.


It can meet the professional knowledge, daily practice skills, driving regulations, driving operation standard procedures, fault handling, improper handling, and construction process drills.


Work section, power supply section and other large mechanical operators and construction workers.

At present, the system business throughout the country, involving hundreds of railway stations, rail transit companies, for the development of railway and urban rail transit in China provides the technical support and high-quality talent production may, for the development of rail transit makes a contribution.