National news network: the national transportation industry track train driver vocational skills competition started in Zhuzhou


On August 4 (reporter Zhou Yin) by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security, the all-china federation of trade unions to co-host the 2016 skills contest, China - the eighth session of national transport industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" railway train driver vocational skills contest held in Zhuzhou ceremony of the 4th. This is the first time that the urban rail transit vocational skills competition has reached the national level competition platform, which marks the new height of the urban rail transit industry.

Chief engineer of the ministry of transport Zhou Wei here at the launching ceremony, urban rail transit train driver is provider of transportation services, transportation security of guarantor, is scientific and human resources for the development of urban rail transit. The vocational skill competitions focus on urban rail transit field, is to be in the field of urban rail transit to carry out the national strategy of improving the quality of workers, to speed up the training a batch of adaptive transportation supply side structural reform, industry technological progress, quality of public service requirement of skilled, innovative, skills talents; Is to be pioneers in the field of urban rail transit to carry out the development strategy, enhance the consciousness of the rule consciousness, quality consciousness, safety, green environmental protection consciousness, construction of a transportation personnel able to act as pioneers.

“The CRRC and J&T cup” railway train driver vocational skills competition, is different from the previous contest, the contestants are limited to industry practitioners, the current competition sets the industry + students group competition mode, vocational colleges students groups should be brought into the game for the first time, competition will through preliminary selected excellent players, take part in the national finals. The total score of the contest will be composed of theoretical knowledge and skills assessment, with theoretical knowledge performance accounting for 30% and skill assessment of 70%. The assessment content is the basic knowledge, professional knowledge, operation line knowledge and development knowledge involved in the driver's position of urban rail transit train.

In addition, all competition content has been issued in the form of competition technical scheme, and all the questions and assessment items are open and transparent. The competition organizing committee will prepare a series of competitions using simulated driving vehicles for the preliminary competitions according to the preliminary competition schedule submitted by the participating cities. Before the finals, all finalists will be arranged to be familiar with the competition venues and competition vehicles to ensure fairness, fairness and openness.

The national finals were held in November. First contestants will be effected according to the application to the national federation of trade unions, according to the "national May 1 labor medal" top 5 contestants will be made by human resources and social security ministry awarded the title of "national technical experts", the first 20 will by the department of transportation awarded the "national transportation technology expert" title.