Zhengzhou evening news: China's version of "NASDAQ" - "new third board" set sail


In 2014, many small and medium-sized micro - tech enterprises in the high-tech zone and high-tech zone were an extraordinary year, and they welcomed new opportunities to realize a new span and a New Year of development.

On January 24, the two sessions of Henan province had just finished, and the government work report had put forward a request for the development of small and medium-sized micro technology enterprises in China. On this day, with the help of the Chinese people's congress, the central plains are full of energy and enthusiasm to accelerate the rejuvenation of central China's Henan province.

On this day, a good news report from the capital of Beijing, Zhengzhou high-tech zone has 12 small and micro technology enterprises successfully landed "new third board"! "New three board" is the main board and gem, countries in science and technology of micro, small and medium enterprises to build another capital platform, is a micro, small and medium enterprises to realize the rapid expansion of powerful engine, known as "the NASDAQ " of China.

News of the news, more than 3,000 small and small businesses in the high-tech zone have been encouraged. This means that, in the future path of development, they can from the experience of these listed "neighbors" to solve the capital bottleneck problem, with the help of a multi-channel the power of the capital market into fast development, enlarge, big fast!

The high-tech zone administrative committee in expanding the financing channels, to promote scientific and technological innovation, support enterprise development also new strides, accumulated valuable experience, for the high-tech zone construction, construction of leading industries of electronic information science and technology city journey added new vitality and energy!  Li Aiqin, reporter of Zhengzhou evening news

Advance planning to take the lead in the sprint "new third board"

It is understood that the first centralized listing ceremony of the nationwide stock transfer system was expanded, with 12 companies successfully landing in Henan province, all of which came from Zhengzhou high-tech zone.

How did we get such a good result?

The answer lies in the high importance of provincial and municipal leaders, the unremitting insistence of the administrative committee of high-tech zone, the sufficient preparation of many technology enterprises, to active involvement of intermediaries such as brokerages.

Thinking determines action, action determines the way out.

Zhengzhou high-tech zone in the strong leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, further implement the spirit of the central and provinces and cities, hold national construction multi-level capital market, especially the "new three board" open up opportunities, targeted, focused, actively introducing innovation brokers and intermediaries, in the enterprise to carry out the "new three board" for service work.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the comprehensive expansion and the system, "new third board" has become a new platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology.

Since 2006, Zhengzhou has been tracking the new three boards.

In 2007, Zhengzhou high-tech zone, as the "Zhongyuan silicon valley", which gathers a large number of small and medium-sized micro tech enterprises, started the work of "new third board" in the whole province.

Provincial, municipal leaders in high-tech zone attaches great importance to the "new three board" job: standing committee of the provincial party committee, executive vice governor li ke successively to the securities and futures commission, ministry of science and technology and other departments communication "new three board" work situation of Zhengzhou high-tech zone, and the standing committee of the provincial party committee, secretary of the municipal party committee Wu Tianjun has repeatedly made important instructions on the "new three board" in the zone of Zhengzhou, the mayor Ma Yi also work to promote the "new three board" Beijing many times, the municipal government established by the standing deputy mayor coalesced into the "new three board" work leading group. The leadership of provincial bureau of supervision and municipal finance office has also conducted in-depth investigation and research on enterprises, guiding the work of small and medium-sized micro enterprises and making a strategic plan for the development of "new three boards".

In the past six years, the new three board has been listed as the key task, which has been promoted by the whole district.

We have established a specialized agency, the securities management office, to arrange the subcontracting of "new third board" reserve enterprises and provide "one-to-one" services, which will facilitate the smooth reform and listing of enterprises. Build a "three library and one platform", build up the listed reserve enterprise library, the intermediary institution record library, the investment agency service library, focus on perfecting the enterprise service platform. At the same time, the "three mechanisms", namely, the leadership subcontracting mechanism, the long working mechanism and the government, enterprises and intermediary mechanism of the tripartite linkage mechanism; To establish an enterprise service system of "five", namely, the green channel system, joint meeting system, policy support system, supervision and assessment system and risk control system, to guarantee enterprise to carry out the "new three board" for work.

"In the national high-tech zone where we operate, Zhengzhou high-tech zone has the highest total number of enterprises listed in the new area!" Among the 12 listed companies, three of them were tutored by the first branch of western securities Beijing, and the emphasis on "new third board" in the high-tech zone impressed the company's senior manager, Wang Bo. In 2013, she recalls, "new three board" work in middle stage, insist on weekly report, monthly meeting and other system in the zone and coordinate to solve many complex problems in a timely manner, they are encouraged, also very touched, gave them a huge confidence and strength.

"Zhengzhou high-tech zone is the biggest in the area we are exposed to, with a strong support for 'new third board', rigorous tracking, solid work and atmosphere." Participate in the "new three board" in the zone of essence securities listed on small and medium-sized enterprise finance Xu Dingxin said senior manager, the company since March 2013 and after contact of securities in the zone and the guidance of electrical, took more than a month of time, completes the contact with the broker, share reform, the kernel, declare all the procedures, is the first listed companies in the high-tech zone. "In addition to our coaching, we have a rigorous follow-up to every process in the high-tech zone."

Policy support enterprises listing "zero cost"

The development of any new thing will not be smooth and easy. It will be through painstaking process and unremitting efforts.

At the beginning, the owners of small and medium-sized micro and micro technology companies have no understanding of the "new three boards", and think that the listing is a big company and has nothing to do with their small sized enterprises. Therefore, many companies are not active in the listing.

Some of them think that they have developed well, that there is no shortage of funds, and that there is no market for them. In the publicity meeting of the securities office of the executive committee, the heads of individual companies expressed their dismissive attitude to the "new third board".

In the face of this dismissive attitude, Zhengzhou high-tech zone management committee has laid down the principle of "redo and do".

First of all, we will introduce a series of portfolio policies, actively cultivate high-quality listed and listed enterprises, and enable enterprises to realize the "zero cost" of listing.

In 2007, the opinions on accelerating the listing of enterprises and the listing of enterprises were introduced. In 2012, as the country full of listed "new three board", and further intensify policy tilt in the zone and then, a "on further accelerate the enterprise listed and traded on, to implement restructuring for listed companies, set up new joint-stock company start up, reward 200000 RMB; For the enterprises that have completed the listing and the initial examination of the listing, a one-time reward of 500,000 RMB; The company that is listed successfully and invests in the high-tech zone is awarded RMB 2 million. This was a move that attracted more than 20 listed companies.

In May 2013, issued "about to speed up the listed companies and listed work opinion", to have passed through the brokerage kernel for quotation and issue before the end of July 2013 financial half-year of enterprises, the new change in the intermediary institutions under the guidance of enterprises, respectively, shall be rewarded. For enterprises that have passed the kernel but do not seek to be listed, it is not recommended to recommend various policies and financial support. The policy has brought some of the companies that have suspended listings back to the listing track.

In November 2013, issued "about further supported the idea of" new three board "listed companies", to open up the "new three board" market annual internal national small and medium-sized enterprises listed on the stock transfer system, the ac again reward handsomely, further motivate the enthusiasm of the listed companies.

In recent years, the administrative committee of high-tech zone has supported enterprises to list and list up to 31.5 million RMB. It is this beautiful policy combination, which provides strong guarantee and support for enterprises to go public and put up the listing work, so that enterprises can get a taste in the process of listing.

At the same time, the high-tech zone management committee takes various forms to explain the benefits of listing to the company's boss. For example, when the enterprise needs capital, it can realize the cash by transferring the stock through the stock transfer. If there is a large project to be listed, it can be used for private placement and financing; after listing, the securities company holds a 10% stake and is tied to the interests of the enterprise. It can implement lifelong supervision of the enterprise, help the enterprise to make strategic planning and allocate capital market resources, etc. The sincerity of the leadership of the high-tech zone and the spirit of thinking for the enterprise have touched them, and many enterprises have begun to actively prepare for the listing of "new third board".

In addition, Zhengzhou high-tech zone 6 years in a row with brokers, intermediaries, non-stop to baseline survey, more than 3000 science and technology enterprises set up paper and electronic files of more than 330 copies of printed promotional materials, from more than 3000 large lectures in more than 100 times, seminars, more than 200 times. For enterprises to carry out the "new three board" propaganda, invited the western securities, essence securities, such as more than 20 brokerages, to conform to the conditions listed enterprises to preach, head of the "new three board" business knowledge, reading the ac on support enterprises supporting policies for the conduct of the "new three board", has two organizations in more than 20 key enterprises in the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system investigation and study. On May 21, 2013, invited by north, deputy general manager to training to more than 260 companies in the area, had extensive propaganda effect, improve the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the "new three board" work.

A few degrees of dawn, a few degrees of red. Spring staff to more than 2000 days, it is the workers left home and industry in the zone and juggling experts, seminars, please visit the enterprise, into the brain into the heart of the situation and make a prospect of policy, just a little bit persuaded another enterprise boss, let them from passive to active.

"The most attracted me to change the passive to active, or the ac, as listed on the policy in place, from the listed start to trading success, rewards, a total of 1.2 million RMB, realize 'zero cost quotation!" So says a corporate boss.

"If it is not in the high-tech zone, listing 'new third board' is not for us!" 'the listing gives the company a lot of benefits,' said Mr. Wang, chairman of the company. 'one is to have a big increase in corporate reputation and social awareness, and sales are going up rapidly.' The second is the intervention of the CSRC and the securities brokers to standardize the management of enterprises and help them to go further in the future. Third, financing is no longer a problem; Four is the enterprise luxuriant turn back will get the high new area more policy and financial support. A Danish customer who had previously only commissioned them to sign up for a "new third board" immediately expressed their willingness to work with them.

After more than six years unremitting efforts, the "new three board" in the zone for love fruitful work: as of January 2, 2014, a total of more than 40 companies officially launched the "new three board" work, 13 companies to declare formal materials and accepted by the national stock transfer system, including 12 has been switched on January 24 in stock listing companies. The first batch of "new third board" listed enterprises in the province also only 12, the high-tech zone maintained the leading position in Henan capital market.

At present, the "new three board" in the zone for reserve force is enough, for the western securities, 28 innovation, such as Nanjing securities brokerage and more than 40 audit, legal institutions in high-tech enterprises listed on the preparation, more than 200 park for backup, reserve key listed companies reached more than 70, 44 companies to carry out the "new three board" formal work, small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises "start a group, and develop a batch, restructured a batch, listed a number of" pilot pattern basic formation of a "new three board".

The "new third board" science and technology small and medium sized micro - sized enterprises to achieve great development

"The next big thing is to support companies that have the potential to go public, mostly to do big business. In the big industry, two legs walk, one is to attract investment, the second is to cultivate existing enterprises. The latter is very important and we hope to cultivate our own flagship enterprise!" The relevant personnel of high-tech zone management committee introduced.

Ollixin is the largest of the "new third board" enterprises in the high-tech zone. Company main product CWYKII civil air defense alarm system the market share of over 60%, widely used in the "two net", from national to the provincial, city and county, the concept of being serviceable at both peacetime net, one is into the community, into the household small net, development prospect is considerable. Faced with the huge market potential, the company expanded production, but was beset by problems such as capital and land. "If it is not the new third board, the company will not be able to get the 22 mu of land required to expand production, and it will face the problem of building capital." "These problems are not a problem with the new third board," said He Lijun, chairman and general manager of the company. After the listing is backed up by capital, the company will enter a period of rapid expansion,' Mr. He said. Especially after the reform, it will be beneficial to the company to use the shares to encourage the introduction of talents, constantly improve the technological innovation capability and realize the rapid development of enterprises.

Ollie is only a microcosm of many listed companies in the high-tech zone.

The listed "new three board", whether to the enterprise or the high-tech zone, has a landmark significance.

12 strong landing after the first full liberalisation of science and technology enterprises, "new three board" will become an important node enterprises rapid expansion, become the new engine for high-tech zone science and technology innovative enterprise of scientific development, will also be in "climb camp, a crucial transition" period of Zhengzhou economy injected new momentum.

The new third board is the capital platform with the main board and the gem level. Xu Dingxin said, it can give the high-tech zone of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise provides an important platform for the display and the financing channels, to the enterprise, the company bring great benefits, such as listed on the "new three board", help the company stock flow and stock transfer, promote comprehensive financing ability, financing channel will open, will enjoy preferential policies of the great, the "new three board" listing requirements to perfect corporate governance structure, standardized operation, it will improve the management level of enterprises. At the same time, the enterprise will accumulate experience for the gem board and the small and medium-sized board. It will also expand the company's popularity and establish the company's leading position in the industry and enhance its brand value. For eligible back board listed company, the realization of capital operation, such as their coach for electrical has been favored by the capital market, there are at least six Banks expressed the desire to invest on it.

"Listing 'new third board' is certainly a win-win situation." First, because "new three boards" will serve the growth of emerging industries, these small and medium-sized micro-enterprises will have access to financing, which will be beneficial for the company to raise capital to do a great job, Wang said. In addition, the new three board expansion for a risk investment institutions such as VC, PE is good, and the development of the brokerage, VC, PE in the "new three board" market "market maker" roles, they by investing in the "new three board" company to promote its IPO and benefit from it. At the same time, for brokers, superior enterprises is limited, to foster in the bottom of the pyramid market micro, small and medium enterprises, help them boarded the stage of "new three board", achieve greater development, is to develop a blue ocean of the market.

The first batch of lucky companies to board the "new three board" are different, but with the "new third board" platform, the leap-forward development of geometric growth will be around the corner.

Take advantage of the development of investment and financing system

The east wind is ready to sail.

In fact, for many years, the high-tech zone for the listed work special attention and support, early planning, deployment in advance, in advance, that makes the listed work has achieved outstanding results. Not only is the "new third board" outstanding, but also the main board, the gem board, also continuously 3 years, each year boost two enterprises to go public, the number of listed enterprises has reached 9, about 1/10 of the province.

Achievements have become the past, look to the future.

As the "new three board" into the normal working, high-tech zone will firmly grasp the "new three board" to the opportunity of the expansion and the whole society, help more enterprise in the future with the help of the "new three board" platform to do bigger and stronger, to realize the leap-forward development of economy, every form of Henan "new three board" highland of enterprise cluster.

High-tech zone will be established "new three board" listed enterprises association, with the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system co., LTD., the platform of resources, and use the resource of the Shanghai stock exchange, Shenzhen stock exchange and investment institutions, rotating plate structures, the "green channel" for the enterprise.

Improve the "four systems". Namely, the enterprise training system, service system, management system, risk prevention system. To establish and perfect the enterprises system, completes the backup enterprise excavation, reserves and start work, through brokers, tutoring intermediary institutions and government departments in charge of service, coordination, management, promote enterprise smoothly into the traded shares transfer system; Establish and improve the enterprise service system to help enterprises with private investment institutions, Banks, brokerage, intermediary institutions and other financial resources, promote the listed companies, to help enterprises of various government resources collocation, for all kinds of preferential policies to the backup companies to tilt. The enterprise should be put into operation after listing and guide the enterprises to build the leading enterprises in the industry segment by refinancing, merging and reorganizing. Establish and improve the management system, promote enterprises to enter the capital market in the shortest time, and promote the financial institutions to provide more professional and dedicated financial services; In accordance with the requirements stated in the relevant listed companies of "new three board" regulation and risk prevention, self-discipline, standardize operations, actively construct the "new three board" enterprise practice base, grope for the "new three board" listed companies using the path and the form of capital market resources, to establish the "new three board" industrial park, to retain the "new three board" enterprise resources, boosting high-tech zone science and technology city construction.

We are proud and thankful for the extraordinary journey of "new third board" in the new high-tech zone. We are filled with joy and excitement by tasting the fruits of "new third board". Looking ahead to the bright future of "new third board", we feel that we have a long way to go.

Landing "new three board", the high-tech zone will definitely lead more enterprises to realize the gorgeous turn, for the Zhengzhou airport in the experimental area for the construction of the Zhengzhou metro area to add more bright colors.

With passion and dream,

Bearing honor and hope,

Farther into the tech city,

The high-tech zone is already on the road.

High-tech zone continues on the road...

News link - new third board: the financing platform for small and medium enterprises in science and technology

Refers to the "new three board" market set up in January 2006, Zhongguancun science park non-listed shares co., LTD. Into the agent system for transfer of the pilot, because of the listed companies are high-tech enterprises is different from the original transfer system inside the delisting of listed companies and the original STAQ, NET system, so the image is called the "new three board".

On August 3, 2012, the China securities regulatory commission decided to expand the pilot non-listed joint-stock company share transfer, in addition to Beijing Zhongguancun science and technology park zone, the new Shanghai Zhangjiang high-tech industrial development zone, Wuhan east lake new technology development zone, Tianjin hi-tech zone.

On December 14, 2013, promulgated by the state council "about the small and medium enterprises on the stock transfer system of decision", domestic qualified joint-stock company can through the brokerage application listed in the national stock transfer system.

Mainly for the "new three board" innovative, entrepreneurial, growth of small and medium-sized enterprise development services, known as China's NASDAQ, it is a major measure for financial innovation to promote scientific and technological innovation, from the beginning of the birth is identified as is at the early stage of development of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises, and other innovative service goals. After more than a decade of development, China's securities market has preliminarily established a comprehensive capital market system composed of Shanghai and Shenzhen main board, small and medium-sized board, gem board and new three board.

Listed companies are on the list

Zhengzhou generous software co., LTD. (430548)

Zhengzhou olli xinda electronic information co., LTD. (430528)

Zhengzhou Hongsheng digital technology co., LTD. (430616)

Zhengzhou Zhongzhi technology co., LTD. (430504)

Zhengzhou Yunyun information technology co., LTD. (430506)

Zhengzhou Lecai technology co., LTD. (430546)

Zhengzhou dream high-tech co., LTD. (430547)

Zhengzhou J&T hi-tech co., LTD. (430373)

Zhengzhou Howell electronic technology co., LTD. (430471)

Zhengzhou Chenwei technology co., LTD. (430480)

Zhengzhou Wante electric co., LTD. (430391)

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