New wave network: the eighth national transportation industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" was successfully held

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On November 19, 2016 by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security, the all-china federation of trade unions three ministries jointly sponsored by the eighth national transportation industry “The CRRC and J&T cup” railway train driver vocational skills competition (hereinafter referred to as the "contest") the closing ceremony and awards ceremony ended. Zhengzhou J&T Hi-Tech (hereinafter referred to as the "J&T") as a 2016 co-sponsors of this Chinese skills contest, related technical personnel and the organizing committee of the college cooperation to jointly develop the theory test platform and provide all the driving simulation test equipment and technical support.

Liu Xiaoming, vice minister of transportation Zhao Jiancai, vice governor of the people's government of Henan province and other leaders attended the closing ceremony and awards ceremony activities, the central media, the media, Henan and witnessed the traffic industry mainstream media industry event.

 Vice foreign minister Liu Xiaoming affirmed the success of the competition, saying that the competition achieved three goals:

The first goal is a group of high-quality skilled personnel through competition, the competition has become the urban rail traffic growth of skilled talents in the field of fast-track, become a good platform for professional and technical personnel of high quality.

The second goal is to all the contestants, not afraid of a gunman fought tenaciously, shows the industry workers, positive enterprising, vigorous vigor and vitality, shows the industry young technicians superb skills, strong quality. Use own practical action and performance, inspired national transportation industry workers, especially young workers working on new technology, master new skills, creating new performance, bring more workers' skills for walk the road of success.

The third goal is to race to carry forward the "labor glorious, skills, precious, create a great" era of fashion, built the whole society to understand traffic, concerned about traffic, support, respect, good atmosphere of traffic practitioners.

The vice-governor Zhao Jiancai first expressed his congratulations to the winners and thanked the leaders and units concerned for supporting the development of Henan's transportation.

Vice governor Zhao Jiancai pointed out that in recent years, the transportation industry in Henan province as leading forces of economic and social development, transportation to get sustained and rapid development, the comprehensive transportation system has been formed. In dealing with modern rail transit plays an important role in urban traffic congestion, Henan constantly speed up the pace to develop the orbit transportation construction, built three inter-city railway, Zhengzhou metro line 1 and line 2 has been opened. Henan province will take this competition as an opportunity to speed up the construction of urban rail transit infrastructure, give full play to the advantages of human resources and professional education in Henan province, and accelerate the training of rail transit talents.

 J&T’s chairman Zheng Leguan to deliver their acceptance speech, he said: "the J&T Hi-Tech as a start in rail transit industry of high-tech enterprises, over the years, with all our efforts to focus on research and development of virtual simulation training equipment. We independently developed the urban track simulator for more than three months, hundreds of tests, and experienced the baptism and inspection of the skills competition, and successfully supported the competition. We will continue to work hard to contribute to the development of China's transport industry and provide support for the training of urban rail transport skills and talents, so as to carry forward and inherit the spirit of the great craftsmen.
Organized by the ministry of transport, human resources social security and the national federation of trade unions. Center of qualification of profession of the ministry of transport and transport research institute as the organizer, guarantee "the Chinese skills competition" the authority, system, mechanism and industry competition since launching ceremony on August 4, 24 of the opening of the subway company and 50 rail transit held preliminary class professional vocational colleges, the competition process lasted nearly four months.

In the national traffic industry education teaching steering committee of urban rail transportation engineering teaching steering committee, Zhengzhou J&T Hi-Tech and other company and cooperation, in close cooperation, to provide the venue and equipment, the venues, equipment, logistics, conference and other work, for the final success provides a powerful guarantee.

Liu Xiaoming, vice minister of transportation, vice governor of the people's government of Henan province Zhao Jiancai in J&T’s chairman Zheng Leguan, general manager Gao Zhisheng to the visited the city rail operations management simulation training system.

After the closing ceremony of the competition, general manager Gao Zhisheng was interviewed by China traffic news, People's Daily and central people's radio and other media.

He said: at present, the development trend of the rail transit and the skill talented person's demand, rapid J&T such skills contest was held was thought through integration of competition policy, industry forces, promote the establishment of the standard in the future. In the future development of J&T will always adhere to promote teaching, in order to promote learning, using the virtual simulation technology carried vocational education and training to a higher level, to contribute the rail transit skilled personnel training.