Chongqing road transport information network: "The CRRC and J&T cup" railway driver skills competition Chongqing station is officially launched


Morning of September 2, by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security, the all-china federation of trade unions to co-host the 2016 skills contest, China - the eighth "The CRRC and J&T cup" railway train driver (industry group) vocational skills competition division of Chongqing launching ceremony was held in Chongqing rail group.

Chongqing road transport administration, trade union chairman He Weiming traffic investment group, trade union chairman visual theme, city commissioner of rail operations, group, director of the national professional skill appraisal, orbit, Liu Wei, vice President of the union led J&T Hi=Tech head of the related units, such as attend the launching ceremony, and the scene to watch the match

He Weiming President in his speech stressed that the urban rail transit train driver positions require high professional skills, safety responsibility heavy, as one of urban rail transit operation key positions, the train driver is to ensure that the operating one of the most important aspects of the service quality, and operational security risk prevention of the last. Organization railway train driver (industry group) skills competition, to promote the construction of high-skilled personnel, promote the development of the scientific development of transportation industry security, speed up the transformation and upgrading of transportation development mode is of great significance, is also a practice issued by the ministry of transport "about raising the transport workers, quality guidelines" practical measures.

At the opening ceremony, the representative of the referee group read the rules and instructions of the competition, and the representatives of the participating athletes took the oath. After that, the leaders visited and experienced the driving simulator. After several rounds of screening theory and written out of 18 contestants in the pre-match draw order officially entered the game link, leaders at all levels to view the first train even hang rescue practical test. In the competition, the contestants are well-trained and skilled, fully displaying their hard professional qualities and good spirit, which have won unanimous praise from the judges.