The application of virtual simulation technology to education


Vocational education is a type and level in the national education system, and is different from the type and level of undergraduate education. Vocational education personnel training model for the "ability as the center", emphasize the occupation and adaptability. Virtual simulation training experts said that the orientation of vocational education, decided in the process of personnel training, the need for a large number of social production and practice in line with the actual experimental equipment. With the scale of vocational education and the total number of students in the substantial expansion, it is also the urgent need to support a large number of training equipment. However, most of the equipment is more expensive, the school funding is limited. How to better solve the problem of the lack of experimental training equipment, become one of the most concerned about today's vocational education.

Three-dimensional virtual simulation technology used in vocational education program is the application of three-dimensional virtual simulation technology to develop experimental training equipment simulation system, the simulation system installed on many computers, so that students on the computer simulation operation training, to be skilled and then arrange a small amount of time to the real equipment for training. The main advantages of the teaching solution are:

(1) The operating platform of the simulation system is computer, which is not restricted by the site.

(2) The simulation system performance is more beautiful, realistic, with a strong interactive, into the three-dimensional virtual simulation of the virtual environment, just as immersive

(3) Most real training equipment is more expensive than personal computers. The teaching solution can be used by each student to use a computer for independent operation training, for each student to buy the real training equipment, will significantly reduce the funding.

(4) The teaching solution can be done by each student using a computer for theindependent operating training, teachers can network to improve teaching efficiency.

(5) The teaching solution, compared to the beginning of the students directly to the real equipment on the training, significantly reducing the risk and equipment loss rate.

Three-dimensional virtual simulation technology is applied to vocational education. In terms of teaching efficiency, advanced technology, resource utilization, economic investment, energy saving and environmental protection, it is in line with the national development direction of vocational education and the concept of vocational teaching. Through the teaching process, the school teaching resources make full use of. Three-dimensional virtual simulation technology used in vocational education, there are many advantages of performance, can significantly reduce the real experimental training equipment investment, can be a good solution to vocational education in the experimental training equipment shortage problem.