"The Revival" to carry out the speed of 350 km experience operation

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July 27, China Railway Corporation to arrange "The Revival "in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to carry out 350 km per hour experience operation, from the relevant state ministries, enterprises, some academicians, experts and the railway industry responsible comrades, a total of more than 300 people participated in the experience Operation. During the course of the experience, the railway department briefed the participants on the experience of the "revival number" EMU, and further solicited opinions on the "Revival" EMU and China's high-speed rail development.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is currently China and the world design and construction of the highest standards of high-speed railway, started construction in January 2008, in the design, construction, acceptance of all the 350 km standard speed, engineering quality and equipment to meet the speed of 350 km safe operation The technical specifications and standards, and adopted a national acceptance. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail June 30, 2011 opening operation, after six years of safe operation practice, fixed facilities and equipment to maintain a good long-term state, safe and stable operation, accumulated many operating and managing experience, successfully spent the initial operation. This year, the railway company around the "strong base standards, quality and efficiency" work theme, and vigorously promote the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail standard demonstration line construction, organization Beijing and Shanghai and Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai Railway Bureau of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail lines, Tunnels, power supply, signal and other fixed facilities and equipment on a full range of census analysis and remediation reinforcement, fixed facilities, equipment quality has been further consolidated and strengthened.

"The Revival" is in accordance with the speed of 350 km operating R & D and manufacturing of the Chinese standard EMU, in the completion of the type of test, scientific experiments and 600,000 km use assessment, the country has issued a model certificate, since February 25, 2017 , The Chinese standard EMU has served as the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail and the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail transport services, the assessment of all indicators meet the standards and the use of requirements, safety, comfort and energy saving performance has greatly improved.China Railway Corporation arranged "The Revival" in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to carry out the speed of 350 km real car, real and real speed inspection and testing, feasibility study and operational safety assess, organization of academicians, railway experts conducted a review and consultation. Through a comprehensive system of scientific demonstration and comprehensive assessment, agreed that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to meet the design speed of 350 km / h operating requirements.

"The Revival" in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail at 350 km per hour operation, is China's high-speed railway construction and operation of long-term experience, innovation-driven development of the landmark results, has the important demonstration significance. "Revival" to achieve 350 km per hour operation, is conducive to the realization of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail design and construction goals. According to the State Council approved the "National Development and Reform Commission on the approval of the new Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway feasibility study report", the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail 350 km per hour standard design, construction, through the standard demonstration line construction, engineering quality and equipment and facilities to be further strengthened, Fully meet the 350 km per hour safe operation of the technical specifications and standards. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail implementation of the "revival number" 350 km per hour operation, not only to fully rational use of resources, and can better play high-speed rail convenient, fast and comfortable comparative advantage, promote the healthy development of integrated transport system.

"The Revival" to achieve 350 km per hour operation, is conducive to better meet market demand. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail runs through China's most economically developed eastern region, passenger demand, passenger traffic continued to grow substantially, operating for 6 years, and a cumulative delivery of more than 600 million passengers. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail "revival" at 350 km per hour operation, will further shorten the Beijing-Shanghai travel time to enhance the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operation quality, narrow the distance between the cities along the city to enhance the city effect, boost regional economic and social development; Railway lines, vehicle use efficiency, and promote enterprises to improve quality and enhance sustainable development capacity. "Renaissance" to achieve 350 km per hour operation, is conducive to fully demonstrate and continue to maintain China's leading position in high-speed rail technology innovation. The world's high-speed railway in the continuous development of Germany, France, Japan and other developed countries are committed to promoting their own high-speed rail construction operations and technological innovation. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail "revival" at 350 km per hour operation, will promote the construction of China's high-speed rail standard system to the world to fully demonstrate the advanced nature of China's high-speed rail and safety operations, enhance China's high-speed rail international competitiveness and voice, continue to maintain the world's leading position, To speed up the Chinese railway, especially high-speed rail "going out" pace.

The next step, the railway sector will do a good job of technical preparation, equipment fine tuning, personnel training, operational preparation work, is expected in September this year, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to implement the new train operation chart, the organization "revival" by 350 km On-line operation. At the same time, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail full run time in four and a half hours.