“The Revival”, lead the Chinese speed

On July 15, 2016, at 11:20 a.m., on the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed rail, in less than 2 seconds, another new world record was born!

Two sets of standard EMU in China, with more than 420 km per hour at the high-speed railway bridge on the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed rail, to create a high-speed rail train rendezvous, reconnection speed of the world's highest record.

In the "encounter" moment, the Chinese standard two cars only 1.6 meters away, the relative rendezvous speed is more than 840 km, equivalent to the cruise speed of large aircraft; rendezvous when the pressure wave is equivalent to 1 square meter instantly by nearly 200 kg, in the so high pressure, the car staff did not have any discomfort. China has also written a new chapter for the world high-speed rail "textbook".

"This is a very successful, highly meaningful high-speed rail test.China's high-speed rail explore the speed of 400 km and above high-speed railway system key technical parameters of the law of change, fill the gaps in the world, and support Russia, the United States and other countries to develop high-grade high-speed rail Technical "Chinese Academy of Engineering researcher He Huawu said.June 25, 2017, China's standard EMU was officially named "The Revival ".

Voice off

September 21 this year, 7 "The Revival " EMU in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail achieved the first 350 km speed operation, China has become the world's highest railway operating speed of the country.

" The Revival" with a new low resistance streamlined head type and body smooth design, more elegant lines, the train resistance than the existing CRH380 series was reduced by 7.5% -12.3%. At the speed of 350 km to run, per capita 100 km energy consumption is also down about 17% .To adapt to China's vast territory, the temperature across the positive and negative 40 degrees Celsius and other operational needs, in a variety of conditions under the 600,000 km,the assessment of “The Revival” is more stringent than the European standards, design life of 30 years.

"The Revival" is more comfortable and more secure. The train height increased from 3700 mm to 4050 mm, and the passengers felt more spacious. Inside the wireless network full coverage, sotravel life more exciting. "The Revival" has a strong intelligent security monitoring system, in the whole car more than 2,500 monitoring points in real time to collect information for all-round fault diagnosis, maintenance support.

From the holding of foreign drawings to create "exotic" to the original technology platform based on the innovation of the "half-breed", and then completely independent design and manufacture of "pure Chinese descent", "The Revival" ran out of the era of innovation in China's rhythm.