The seminar on technical solutions of urban rail transit system skills competition was successfully held!


On the afternoon of September 23, the expert seminar on technical scheme of urban rail traffic organization skills competition was held on time.

From Guangzhou metro, the Beijing subway, Shanghai Shentong metro, Shenzhen metro, Suzhou rail transit and Zhengzhou rail transit line more than a dozen experts gathered in the J&T, common on urban rail transit train operation organization skills competition format setting, race equipment, form and content of competition on the discussion.

The discussion has been fruitful

At 1:30 p.m., the meeting officially began. The relevant leaders of MRT expressed a warm welcome to the participants, and then the technical staff briefed the experts on the initial plan of the company.

As the practitioners and experts of the subway system, the participants expressed their views and put forward practical Suggestions and perfect methods on the basis of the existing schemes.

The skills competition of urban rail transit system is mainly assessed by the city rail traffic dispatcher, the driving duty officer and other relevant posts. Last year at the eighth national transportation railway train driver different vocational skills competition, train operation organization in addition to examine individual business ability, strain capacity, should also review team member's cooperative ability.

Early on competition content, proposed scheme based on the urban rail transit vehicle dispatcher professional standards, the urban rail transit vehicle attendant professional standards, the urban rail transit vehicle operator skill and quality requirements, part 1: the subway, light rail, monorail "and" the attendant of driving skills and quality requirements of urban rail transit, part 1: the subway, light rail and monorail industry recognized standards, it can be divided into two parts of theoretical knowledge and skill examination.

According to the experts' Suggestions, the setting of the question bank should be set aside for the general topic. Due to the different operating standards and forms of metro companies, the standards should be unified and reasonable to ensure the fairness of the competition.

Fulfill your duty to seek new patterns of talent cultivation

My company research and development of the urban rail transit train operation organization comprehensive simulation training system "is used for training the dispatcher and attendant, the attendant of train and car depot signal operator and yard signal floor dispatcher master of urban rail transit operation management related content and training solutions are put forward.

As a professional system virtual simulation training solution service provider, the technical competition seminar is the result of the new model and technological innovation of the company.

It is estimated that in 2020, the urban rail operation mileage will reach 6,000 kilometers, and more and more cities will have the subway. The development situation that is everywhere blossoming, faces the difficulty that the skilled city rail talent is deficient.

It is the original intention of the skill competition of urban rail transit traffic organization and the final constant standard of the technical plan of the city.

After an afternoon of discussion, whether it is the system setting, the grading standard setting or the competition content and the form aspect, has received the expert's valuable advice, may be a fruitful.