[live broadcast] janco leads millions of netease user experience city rail simulation training center!


On May 30, the nation's 81 million scientific and technological workers welcomed their first festival, the day of science and technology workers. As an industry leader, J&T also participated in the China association for science and technology in this day and held "the light of science and technology: 530 national hundred live events", directly with millions of user interaction, VR virtual reality technology to study the application of virtual simulation training in rail transit, and salute to each science and technology workers.

At 1 PM, the J&T’s team live with netease teams rushed to the live site, electronic information vocational technology college of Zhengzhou railway institute, to experience the company delivered in 2015 the school of urban rail transit comprehensive training center. The training center simulates the whole operation and operation of Zhengzhou rail transit line 1.

After a series of preparations, the show began on time at 5 p.m.

The female engineer led the way

In fact, the female doctor has seen, female engineers have not seen, not to mention beauty deputy chief engineer!

The summary of the integrated simulation training system of the city is introduced

The broadcast by the J&T Hi-Tech deputy chief engineer Zhu Yunlan, under the simple with you after this paper introduces the general situation of the company, our vice general led netease millions of users has begun the travel of the experience to live.

The car control room

The simulation training area of the car control room has a full 360 degree to monitor the whole station and tunnel situation, and discover all kinds of emergency situations in time.

OCC dispatch center

The large screen of the OCC traffic dispatch center reproduces the real state of the dispatch center during the operation of the city rail. These red and yellow green lines, different Numbers and different Numbers represent different driving conditions and contents.

Handsome engineers work on their own

In urban rail three-dimensional virtual simulation training area, sand table of our market technical engineers Wei Jun debut, and with its fluent mandarin, logical language ability of organization, humorous style of telling a large number of network female fans.

Three-dimensional virtual sand table demonstration

Through 3 d virtual sandbox demonstration that shows train driving the different perspectives and different weather conditions in the process of driving experience and mode, can be a very good training of the students' ability of deal with sudden weather conditions.

Experience simulated driving

In the course of the simulated driving experience, netease was in charge of herself and experienced a simulated ride on the tube. The train driver is divided into several modes, and there will be a speed limit in the morning and evening when the train is out of the library and the warehousing. In order to ensure the safety of the train passengers, we have set up many levels on the simulation system. Although the driver is mainly driven by autonomous driving mode, the driver should remain on high alert during the driving process, so as to ensure the safety of passengers according to different circumstances.

The arc-shaped curtain fully demonstrates the virtual driving environment

And our driving simulation system, fully considered in the process of train driving each emergency, for students, can very good training the strain capacity in the process of driving, the teachers and students.

The technical man ended smoothly

After the experience, the simulation system research and development center, deputy director of J&T and J&T’s product manager Sue live interviewed with better, share the technical type of work all sorts of fun in the process of work.

In the live interview

Last year by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security and hosted the all-china federation of trade unions of the eighth national transportation industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" during the railway train driver vocational skills competition, as a technical work Ge Yaoxu and Sue to beautiful, fully involved in the sport. Back then, the two tech men told the story of the various anecdotes that took place during the big match.

Uncle ge, who is also famous for all the technology houses, says that the technology house is not really a home, but it is not the technical problem that they are interested in.

The four main speakers of J&T and netease host

At 6 p.m., the live broadcast ended successfully. Subsequently, the four technician of the J&T republic recorded the wishes of the national science and technology workers respectively.

I wish the technology workers well

It is understood that this live the selected character are in scientific research, technology development, major equipment and engineering research, entrepreneurship and the popular science and the social services has significant social influence and contribution of individual or enterprise. It is the only company in Henan province to participate in the live broadcast, which is the result of the continuous improvement and strength of its technology over the past 15 years.

As a professional system virtual simulation training solution service provider, the company will continue to innovate and continue to be at the forefront of the industry.