The J&T Hi-Tech's declaration of "The urban rail operation safety management technology and equipment industry R&D center" has been successfully affirmed!


 Recently, by the J&T Hi-Tech first declared "urban rail transit operation safety management technology and equipment industry research and development center" (hereinafter referred to as the "industry research and development center") was identified by the Ministry of Transport.

On November 1st, the ministry of transport promulgated 2017 transportation industry research and development center and key laboratory of notification of the result , among them, the Zhengzhou J&T Hi-Tech co., LTD., was confirmed as "urban rail transit operation safety management technology and equipment" industry research and development center. It suggests that, taken more than six month time, the power of the joint companies to complete the "urban rail transit operation safety management technology and equipment industry research and development center" declaration work finally have the results, and had a complete success!

"Great development" produces "great cooperation"

As the national development and reform commission has approved a batch of urban rail transit construction planning projects in 2016, the construction of urban rail transit in China will peak during the 13th five-year plan period. At the same time, the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy also provides a more favorable new situation for the "going out" of rail transit.

The rapid development of the industry has raised higher requirements for technological innovation and technological achievements transformation. However, at present, the security situation of urban rail transit operation in China is still serious. There is a contradiction between the operation and service level cannot meet the public demands. The distribution and control of passenger flow need further study. Standardization, industrialization and integration are still to be further strengthened.

In "great construction, great development" and operation of the security situation is increasingly grim background, set up a level and sex, industry platform for the transformation of scientific and technological research and development and achievements, became the prompting of rail transit in our country a big advantage of the healthy and orderly development in China.

In the first half of this year, in Henan province transportation hall of organization and leadership, the J&T Hi-Tech led to declare the operation safety management of urban rail transit transportation industry technology and equipment industry research and development center. It is hoped that on the basis of the existing experimental platform, the key technological breakthrough of urban rail transit operation safety will be realized, and the development system of "production, learning, research and application" will be closely integrated.

"Based on industry" and also "look to the world"

Around the construction of "safe and efficient traffic" this demand, industry research and development center fixed position in urban rail transit operation safety management technology and equipment research and development and the achievement application and industrialization promotion.

Under the optimization in the "network operation technology, operation safety risk management and intelligent decision-making technology, large passenger flow monitoring and early warning, security technology and equipment, operation management skills upgrading based on virtual simulation and evaluation technology and equipment" four researches , in order to enhance the operation efficiency and risk contingency ability, prevent accidents, reduce the rail transit operational risk as the goal, to develop rail transit operation organization and emergency command, intelligent decision-making, security and other aspects of technology and development, related technologies, platforms, promotion application and industrialization of the system.

To technology research and development, standard specification, achievements transformation and demonstration application, production-study-research cooperation, policy and management system in five aspects for the task, realize the technology innovation and achievements transformation. To ensure the security of urban rail transit as the goal, to long-term sustainable development, the construction of characteristic, advanced equipment, scientific management "domestic first-class, international leading" industry innovation research and development center.

To promote the industrialization of urban rail transit operation security technology innovation for the purpose of application and transportation industry, create industry-university-institute cooperation, and technological achievements in a variety of flexible ways to realize industrialization and engineering application of efficient transformation base, create open cooperation innovation and technology exchange international exchange center.

It is not a day's work to gain recognition

As R&D center based on unit, the J&T Hi-Tech always regard industry development as own duty, set up in the past 15 years, with expanding the scale, increasing market share, technological breakthroughs have been made constantly research and development team, in results smoothly into the market has a great success. The ministry of transport industry successfully research and development center is not overnight, as the J&T technical strength over the years, the team strength and achievements transformation ability accumulation of results.

In the same way, the successful declaration of research and development center was not only rely on our own strength, besides the J&T, Zhengzhou city rail transit co., LTD., Shenzhen subway group co., LTD., Henan traffic institute of science and technology co., LTD., central south university, Lanzhou jiaotong university, Shanghai university of engineering science, Zhejiang normal university as a joint declaration of the unit, involved in production, study and research, in all aspects. Through the integration of resources, close cooperation and innovation between member units will promote the improvement and development of the safety management technology and equipment of China's rail transit operation in the future.

From the first submit the declaration material to now to get the final result, the success of research and development center to declare and recognition, in addition to the protection of the unit of each joint strength, as well as the contribution of the reporting team. From primary election of Henan provincial transportation department, to the ministry of transport first trial, defense, to on-site review, many people involved, full efforts to pay, it is these efforts to the "good news".

Today, the transportation department has issued a formal notification document, and a series of declarations have been successfully concluded. In the future, we will consider how to better provide technology and services for the development of the industry.

Our center will undertake a state-level scientific research projects, through international cooperation research projects, the company independent research and development projects, etc., to develop new technology and new equipment development and application, the implementation of high-end talent introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation of cutting-edge technology and integrated innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness, common for the orderly and harmonious development of urban rail transit in our country.