EMU Brake Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The EMU Brake Comprehensive Simulation Training System is used to train EMU driver and on-board technician for mastering the related content of the EMU brake system. The physical part of the system simulates a trailer and a motor vehicle of the same brake unit and the left part is presented as the virtual train of the system. The physical part mainly contains the wind source system, main test stand M/T train, M/T train secondary test stand, M/T train brake control device, M/T basic brake unit and so on.

System Function:

1.        Could provide brake system for comprehensive understanding the brake system structure, composition and work principle.

2.        Could provide the equipment and condition for triggering the brake command to understand the entire process since the output of the brake command to the action of the basic brake clamp.

3.        Could provide the simulation control of power supply brake to realize the electro pneumatic hybrid brake efficiency.

4.        Could display the status of each valves and pneumatic circuit to carry out the comparison learning with the physical equipment through the interface.

5.        Could dynamic display the action process of the core equipment to understand the structure and work principle of individual valve.

6.        Could simulate the typical faults of brake system.

7.        Could test the factors’ influence to the brake system.

8.        Could provide the related operation of the brake system test, the static conditioning and so on. 

Technical Specification:            

1.        Be in consistence with the actual locomotive brake system composition.

2.        High efficiency in training and good in training effect.

3.        Complete in training function system.

4.        Direct in operation and easy in administration.