EMU 3D Interaction Sand Table Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The 3D Interaction Sand Table is a brandnew railway train operation organization training; it adopts 3D modeling technology and computer simulation technology to vivid regenerate the railway scenery which includes: railway rail, overhead line, rail side devices, train, station, platform, station hall, terrain, vegetation, bridge, tunnel, culvert, city landmark building and so on. The 3D scenery is displayed through the big screen projection display system and the display effect is vivid and strong in vision impact. 

3D Interaction Sand Table constructs the complete railway operation virtual training environment to meet the training requirements in positions of traffic service, vehicle maintenance service, rail maintenance service, power service, vehicle, power supply and transportation. The 3D platform displays each profession, each equipment acknowledge, virtual assembly and disassembly, structure principle, maintenance, fault handing, emergency handling and standard operation procedure teaching, training and evaluation.

Function Specification:

Compared with the physical sand table, the 3D simulation module of the 3D Interaction Sand Table won’t be abrasion and fault, in addition, the maintenance cost is low.

The 3D Interaction Sand Table could carry out the training independently as well as cooperating with the real sand table. When the real sand table is fault, it could be replaced by the 3D Interaction Sand Table to carry on the job for avoiding the interruption of teaching and training.

The 3D Interaction Sand Table could real-time display the railway running situation as well as the real-time picture of all the stations, sections and various equipment. It could zoon in the line for viewing the overall effect as well as displaying the internal structure of the station. The certain location in scenery could be located through selecting the camera list.

By 3D scenery zooming in/out, displacement and rotation in 3D Interaction Sand Table, the display could switch over images, such as: the driver’s driving viewing angle, the station assistant attendant receiving and sending train image, the camera moving with the train running, scenery roaming, etc.; meanwhile, the display could switch over among the eagle-eye map, the full view thumbnail and the geographical map.

The instructor could real-time set or predefine the emergency faults of rail, contact network system, power service equipment, automation equipment and so on. The instructor could set the weather condition as rain, snow, fog, etc., and the system is able to present the change process from daytime to the night. The abnormal and train emergency fault during the train running process could be set real-time.

According to the requirements in teaching course and training, the system could be updated or upgraded in station, line, station tract, points and so on of the virtual sand table without the requirement of adding hardware devices.