The bullet train three-dimensional interactive sand-table integrated simulation training system


System Overview

3D interactive sand table is a kind of new drill railway train operation organization system, using three-dimensional modeling and computer simulation technology to railway scenes with high fidelity reduction, scenario consists of railway track, overhead lines, trackside equipment, train station, station hall, topography, vegetation, bridges, tunnels, culverts, city landmark buildings, etc. The screen projection display system shows the 3D scene with strong visual impact and realistic display effect.

3D interactive sand to build a complete railway virtual training environment, can meet the traffic, maintenance, maintenance, electricity, vehicle and power supply, transportation, the needs of the various professional training exercises, in the 3D platform to carry out the various professional, all kinds of equipment of cognitive, virtual split and assembly, structure, principle, maintenance, troubleshooting, emergency treatment ,the standard operating process' teaching, practice and examination.

Function features

Compared with the physical sand table, the 3D simulation model in the 3D interactive sand-disk will not produce wear, no failure, and low maintenance cost.

The 3D interactive sand table can be rehearsed independently, also can be used with the physical sand table. When the physical sand table fails, the 3D interactive sand table can replace the physical sand plate to continue working without the interruption of teaching and training.

3D interactive sand table shows the operation of the railway in real time, and can display real-time three-dimensional images of all stations, intervals and various devices at the same time; it can improve the overall effect of the line and show the internal structure of the station. And also can quickly jump to a specific location in the scene through the camera list.

System can be enlarged, reduced, translation, rotation of 3D interactive three-dimensional scene in sand table, you can switch display driver assistant Angle, the station attendant hair car picture, camera follow the train operation, the flight such scenes; can switch eagle-eye map, panorama thumbnail display or map display.

The instructor can set the orbital, contact network system, electrical equipment, automatic equipment and other sudden failures in real time or in advance; Can set weather conditions such as rain and snow fog; Show the change of day to night; It can set up all the abnormal conditions and the emergency failure of the train.

In accordance with the teaching curriculum and training needs, it is necessary to update or upgrade the virtual sandbox station, line, railway station, and so on, without adding any hardware equipment.

The 3D interactive sand table can respond to the control commands of the vehicle terminal system and CTC dispatch center system, and can conduct the drill with scheduling and station coordination.

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