Rail Transit Transport Command Common Basic Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The system contains 1 set photoelectric yard and 1 set 6502 operation desk; there are 4 interlocking terminal types (CRSC DS6-K5B, China Academy of Railway Sciences TYJL-ADX, CASCO VPI and Microunion EI32-JD) which can be switched with the 6502 operation desk and can synchronize with the signal equipment status.

Based on the principle of high efficiency training and flexible application, the system is able to be linked between positions towards various interlocking methods for independent receiving and sending train by simulation the actual environment and operation method. After the training, the trainee could not only master the normal working process but also be able to handle the abnormal phenomena to meet the training purpose and enhance his professional capability and quality.

This system possesses great practical value for the position comprehensive training, learning and working. It improves the staff’s treatment towards the emergency and ensures the railway transport high efficient operation. 

Training Content:

1. Normal receiving and sending operation

2. Abnormal receiving and sending operation

3. Interlocking basic operation function

4. Out-door operation

Training Position:

1.        Station attendant

2.        Station signal staff

3.        Assistant attendant

4.        Pointsman