Integrated simulation training system of rail transit scheduling (CTC)


System overview:

The working principle, operation mode and operation habits of the actual system are in line with the operating interface and function buttons are the same as the actual system; Functional design and workflow follow the technical conditions of the ministry of railways (CTC). The module and simulation driving simulation system to form a dynamic and comprehensive simulation training system of simulation scheduling, station, the driver three parties in the normal driving and emergencies and the actual work condition of abnormal driving conditions.

Content of training:

Basic drawing; Day shift planning; Automatically follow the chart; Advance notice of pickup; Vehicle tracking and actual operation diagram; Real-time monitoring of the central train; Dispatching orders, issuing of driving vouchers; Transparent display between station stations; Automatic generation of station traffic log; The speed limit order is issued; The editing and transmission of vehicle reports; To issue and report the trailer plans; Transmission of train express; Statistical statements; The formulation of the operation plan for the transfer; Transfer work order; Automatic selection of vehicle access; Conflict inspection of train operation and train operation; The alignment of the car into the road.

Module composition:

1. Traffic control system

It can manually prepare 24 - hour train lines and various skylight ICONS. It can also be modified and adjusted according to the basic plan and the day shift plan.

2. Integrated maintenance workstation

The auxiliary driving dispatcher of the comprehensive maintenance workstation shall timely release the dispatching orders of train operation, equipment construction, overhaul, etc. Monitor the dispatch order to receive the execution; Assist the assistant dispatcher to monitor the arrangement of the access and transfer of the train to each station; Edit and maintain the scheduling command template.

3. Assistant dispatcher system

The assistant dispatcher system displays a station control interface that is consistent with the vehicle terminal system at each station. The assistant dispatcher can remotely control the vehicle and control of the station by observing the information and operation control interface of the station.

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