Rail Transit Centralized Train Control (CTC) Comprehensive Simulation System


System Overview:

The system matches the actual system work principle, operation method and operation habit. The operation interface and function button are in consistence with the actual system. The function design and work procedure follows the < Decentralized Autonomous Centralized Train Control (CTC) System Technical Condition>. This module units the simulation driving system for creating a dynamic, comprehensive simulation system. It simulates the dispatch, station and driver’s actual working situation during the normal, emergency and abnormal running condition.


Basic map formulation; daytime plan formulation; automatic routing; receiving route prediction; train tracing and actual operation map; center train operation real-time monitoring; dispatch order, running token issue; transparent display between stations; automatic generation of station operation log; speed limit order issue; station operation train report edition and transmission; trailer plan issue and report; train speed display transmission; statistics report; shunting operation plan formulation; shunting operation sheet; shunting route’s automatic selection; conflict check for the shunting operation and train operation; shunting route arrangement.

Module Composition:

1. Running dispatch desk system

Available for 24 hours train running map and various skylight icon manual editing. It could carry out the modification and adjustment of the basic map and the daytime plan, and send the adjusted plan to each station’s autonomic system.

2. Comprehensive maintenance work station

The comprehensive maintenance work station assists the operation dispatcher for in-time publishing the dispatch order as train running, device construction, maintenance, etc. It monitors the execution situation of the dispatch order and helps the assistant dispatcher in monitoring and manage the train and shunting route arrangement of each station. The system could edit and maintain the dispatch order template.

3. Assistant dispatch desk system

The assistant dispatch desk system displays the same yard control interface as the traffic terminal system of each station. Through observing the yard information and operation control interface, the assistant dispatcher could remotely running and control the presidial station.