Integrated simulation training system of urban rail transit system


System overview:

Urban rail transit train operation organization comprehensive simulation training system is used for training the operator and attendant, the attendant of train, car depot signal operator and yard signal floor dispatcher for master of urban rail transit operation management related content and training solutions are put forward. System main body includes: train operator system, scheduling center OCC driving system, car depot microcomputer interlock system, and supporting physical sand table or virtual sand table; The whole system should be connected to the metro site to meet the needs of the joint training between multi-post and multi-industry. The system also supports the operation of single machine, which can be deployed to the network machine room to realize the teaching of large number of students at the same time, which greatly improves the teaching efficiency.

System functions:

Signal system based on train operation simulation of CBTC signal system based on wireless communication technology, include: automatic monitoring ATS subsystem, computer interlocking subsystem, CBI wayside ATP simulation subsystem, on-board ATP/ATO simulation subsystem, equipment simulation subsystem and car depot microcomputer interlocking system. Signal system can carry on the linkage and train driving simulation system, to build a complete operational training environment, can make the students grasp the train operation organization and abnormal situation of the normal rules of the train operation organization.

Technical features:

Modular design

The system can support the independent operation of each system in the training platform, some online operation and the whole online operation, and the requirements of the system are high, modular, standardized and reproducible.

Practical training is flexible

The system can build two training modes of training area and network machine room according to the scene environment. The two ways to cooperate with each other are to meet the high reduction of the scene environment and greatly improve the training efficiency.

The training content is comprehensive

Through normal operational practice, the typical fault handling practice, examining students both in normal circumstances, the emergency of post skill levels, and examines the team spirit and strain capacity.

Process standard

Combine the authoritative industry standard, close to the actual work of the site. The key points and difficulties in solving the driving organization are solved.

Rating system intelligence

The intelligent evaluation system, by collecting the data of students' operation information, system operation status information and other data, automatically grades the system through reasonable scoring rules, so as to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition process.

Fail-random trigger

It can be used to randomly set up equipment failure and abnormal phenomenon to form a variety of test questions to increase the interest and universality.

Training position:

1. Driving dispatcher

2. Train attendant

3. The attendant

4. Signal building dispatcher