Urban Rail Transit Passenger Transport Organization Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The Urban Rail Transit Passenger Transport Organization Comprehensive Simulation Training System is used to train operation attendant, passenger transport attendant and station attendant or station hall inspector for mastering emergency handling method while there is abnormal situation at station. The system adopts the 3D modeling, 3D interaction and 3D engine technology and creates the fully 3D station operation environment according to the actual working scenery. Through various emergency task training, the system enables each position masters the standard operation process and enhances the cooperation fault handling capability.

System Function:

The system could conveniently design kinds of sceneries, simulate actual scenery. Through setting different task, the system enables each position to be aware of what to do, what can he do, how to do and how to cooperate with the other emergency department and personnel while encountering natural hazard, social safety event, operation accident and public hygiene event. Meanwhile, the system integrates station operator station, station comprehensive monitoring station and virtual IBP panel system into the 3D station that enables the trainee to experience the overall process of the Urban Rail Transit Passenger Transport Organization Comprehensive Training System. In this way, the trainee would master the related terminal software basic operation as well as enhance the capability in practice, fault handling and emergency handling.

Technical Specification:

1. Rational system structure

The ATS system, ISCS system and virtual IBP panel system are integrated in the 3D station

2. Flexible Training method

According to the role amount, the system could multi-person united training and individual training while cooperating with robot.

3. Convenient task operation

In 3D scenery, the training task could be accomplished through joint control / Operation / right click operation modes. 

4. Clear task process

Through the process chart, each position treatment procedure could be viewed and the different operation modes are identified with different colors.

5. Free at task execution

This position provides all the remind information for free operation to enhance the awareness of cooperation.

6. Intelligent scoring system

Once the training task is finished, the intelligent scoring system would give the team score and individual score immediately.

Training Position:

1. Operation attendant

2. Passenger transport attendant

3. Station officer

4. Platform / station hall inspector