Integrated simulation training system of urban rail transit passenger transport


System overview:

Urban rail transit passenger organization comprehensive simulation training system for training the attendant of driving, the man on duty, on duty station and platform/passenger station hall of master station appeared abnormal situation of emergency treatment training solutions are put forward. System USES 3 d modeling, 3 d interactive and 3 d engine technology, according to the real scene construct full three-dimensional work station operation environment, through all kinds of emergency task training, make each work master the standard operation procedure and improve coordination with the ability of dealing with accidents.

System functions:

System can easily design a variety of scenarios, simulate the real scene, by setting the different tasks, make clear each post personnel in the event of natural disasters, social security, operational accidents, public health events, can exactly know what to do, what can be done, how to do and how to coordinate work with other emergency departments and personnel. At the same time, the station operator workstations, comprehensive monitoring workstation and virtual IBP panel system integration to the three-dimensional station, can make students fully experience of urban rail transit passenger organization during the process of comprehensive simulation training system, in mastering the related basic operation of the terminal software at the same time, improve the practical ability, fault handling ability and emergency response capacity.

Technical features:

1. Reasonable system structure

ATS system, ISCS system and virtual IBP disk system are integrated in 3d station

2. The training mode is flexible

It can be used for multi-player training or one-person robot matching exercises based on the number of characters

3. Convenient operation

In three - dimensional scenes, the drill tasks are completed by means of joint - control/operation/right - operation

4. Clear task flow

Through the flowchart, you can see the process of each job and distinguish different operation modes through different colors

5. Mission freedom

All the information of this post is free to operate and enhance the sense of cooperation between post 

6. Scoring system intelligence

After the exercise, the intelligent evaluation system can immediately give the team scores and individual scores 

Training position: 

1. Train attendant

2. Passenger duty attendant

3. Station master

4. Platform/station inspector

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