Urban Rail Transit Electromechanical Technology Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

This system is guided by the operation process of the typical work position for urban rail transit electromechanical equipment control, maintenance and application. Through the integration of actual metro equipment, physical simulated equipment, typical station real or virtual sand table and corresponding simulation software, the intelligent, interacted, well-bedded, rational classified urban rail transit comprehensive electromechanical training system is created. It aims at training the trainee for mastering the practical operation capability in the related urban rail transit position to improve the emergency handling capability. The system enables the trainee get the systematic, regulated professional study and skill training to train the electromechanical application technical talents of high quality for the related positions of the urban rail transit.

System Function:

This system is constructed by related equipment, control software and interfaces. It aims at realizing the various operation and comprehensive monitoring for the urban rail transit electromechanical system while strictly follow the two levels management and three levels control design mode of the current national rail transit equipment monitoring system. The system integrates dispatch center training area, station control training area, typical transparent station sand table training area, on-site control training area, physical system equipment training area and virtual system training area to create the complete urban rail operation electromechanical equipment training environment. The trainee could master each system structure of the station, and acknowledge the equipment principle. In addition, he is able to control, operate and maintain the system equipment under abnormal situation and improve the emergency handling capability.

Technical Specification:

1.        Taking the typical metro station as the foundation to create the real sand table training environment for meeting the overall training of various electromechanical related majors

2.        Realized strictly follows the two levels management and three levels control design mode according to the current national rail transit equipment monitoring system

3.        Combined with the physical equipment, the semi-physical equipment and the virtual equipment to create the vivid electromechanical system training experience

4.        Adopted the advance organization design for improving the teaching efficiency

5.        Combined with the authorized industrial standard for being close to the actual operation mode to improve the talent training quality

Training Position:

1.        Operation attendant

2.        Passenger attendant

3.        Station officer

4.        Platform inspector

5.        Station hall inspector