The bullet train emergency rescue simulation training system


System Overview

The system uses distributed simulation and virtual reality technology for the training of traffic accident rescue commanders, rescue vehicle drivers, The bullet train drivers, The bullet train truck mechanics and general workers. The system establishes fault simulation and emergency rescue rehearsal system based on various line situations such as bridges, tunnels, culverts, ramps, catenaries and various accidents of The bullet train vehicles.

System functions

The system can simulate the accident, emergency response, on-site rescue the entire process, you can exercise along the way emergency response and coordination of the system.

The system can train rescue driver, The bullet train driver, The bullet train with the mechanics in coordination with the non-powered linked back and delineation exercises.

The system can realize The bullet train rescue The bullet train and locomotive rescue The bullet train training exercises, trainees according to the set scenarios, choose to give priority to The bullet train rescue or locomotive rescue.

The system can carry out the training on the rescue and rehabilitation methods for the common rescue, top complex and suspension complex in the general derailment accident of high-speed railway.