High Speed Railway Power Substation Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The Urban Transit Power Substation Comprehensive Simulation Training System is used to train the power substation attendant and the power supply dispatchers for mastering the operation under normal, abnormal and emergency condition during duty time.

The system provides the full set physical ground sand table, the primary and secondary equipment, the primary main cabling simulation panel and the dispatcher SCADA terminal for increasing the overall acknowledge of the overall power substation structure characteristic and the primary and secondary equipment to realize: the inspection of the in-door and out-door equipment and the full route; the operation of the actual screen cabinet, the integrated automation and the close and remote brake of SCADA system; and the scenery training of various fault simulation and maintenance operation. The system almost regenerates the entire actual power substation environment and the whole system training structure is based on the traction power supply system’s function structure that enables the attendant and the dispatcher to carry out the cooperation training according to the reality. It meets the trainee’s individual professional environment and operation process.

Training Content:

1. Back brake simulation training

2. Electric circuit and microcomputer protection principle training

3. 3D terminal system

4. Fault simulation training

5. Local monitoring system training

6. Dispatcher SCADA system training

7. Physical sand table training

Training Position:

Ordinary railway attendant

Power supply dispatcher