Urban Rail Transit Power Supply Comprehensive Simulation Training


System Overview:

The Urban Rail Transit Power Supply Comprehensive Simulation Training System is used to train the urban rail transit substation attendant and the power supply dispatcher for mastering the operation under the normal, abnormal and accident situation during duty time.

The system provides the full set high voltage switch cabinet, the low voltage switch cabinet, the traction transformer, the power distribution transformer, the rectifier cabinet, the cathode cabinet, the internet cabinet, the rail OVPD equipment, the terminal cabinet, the primary main cabling simulation panel, the integrated automation system, the power monitoring PSCADA system and the instructor monitoring management system. The system could be installed in the networked room for batch training or be constructed totally according to the urban rail power supply system site for deepen the trainee’s understanding towards the urban rail power supply system and master of the skill for the routine standard operation of the substation.

System Function:

The system almost regenerates the entire actual power substation site environment for the comprehensive acknowledge of the substation overall structure and the primary and secondary physical equipment for the trainee. It realizes the trainee’s: master of the key touring point and route of the substation; operation of the breaker and the isolation switch close and remote back brake through the switch cabinet, the integrated automation system and the power monitoring SCADA system; phenomena acknowledge and trouble-shooting of the various faults of the distribution substation; scenery training of the substation maintenance operation.

Technical Specification:

1.        The system structure is based on the function structure of the urban rail transit power supply system

2.        The system provides various training environment

3.        The system realizes the combination of the virtual simulation software with the physical equipment

4.        The system is equipped with the complete standard training content

5.        The system simulated fault type is complete

6.        The system provides the auto scoring function

Training Position:

Urban rail transit power substation attendant

Power dispatcher