EMU Primary and Secondary (3D) Repair Simulation Training System


System Overview:

Through the 3D virtual simulation technology, the system regenerates all the content of the EMU Primary and Secondary Repair operation, including: virtual assembly and disassembly of EMU equipment, work principle explanation, component acknowledge and so on, for the trainee’s comprehensive training in teaching, learning, practicing and testing. The product mainly contains the mainstream train type as EMU CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5, CRH380A(L), CRH380B(L), CR400AF, CR400BF, etc.

Strictly followed the updated regulation of Railway Bureau EMU Primary and Secondary Repair Guideline, the product covers thousand inspection points for primary repair and hundred operation tasks for secondary repair. The product vivid regenerates the EMU maintenance workshop, the entire train and the typical fault phenomena through the high precision model. The user interacts with the component which needed to be repaired from his vision angle. During the repair process, there are dozens of tools and consumables could be used. The simulation repair training process is totally the same as the EMU internal working process that is authentic and natural.