Rail Transit Comprehensive Maintenance Training Solution


System Overview:

The Rail Transit Comprehensive Maintenance Training Solution is dedicated for the maintenance staff of railway company and each local metro company and the related maintenance profession teachers and students of railway vocational college in assisting the user for mastering the comprehensive maintenance skill of EMU, urban rail vehicle and locomotive.

The solution contains the CRH EMU series {CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5, CRH380A(L), CRH380B(L), CR400AF, CR400BF, etc.}, the urban rail vehicle series (A/B/C car type, etc.), electric locomotive series (SS series, HX series, etc.), diesel locomotive series (DF series, HX series, etc.) and passenger and freight vehicle series (25G, 25T, flat car, covered car, etc.). The plan adopts 3D modeling technology, VR technology, AR technology and AI technology to build the immersive and enjoyable comprehensive maintenance training system. It could not only carry out teaching, learning, practicing and testing but also could cultivate the high quality maintenance talent. The system could generate the score list and analysis at both instructor station and trainee terminal for assisting the user to spot the weakness during the training process for improving the teaching quality and learning efficiency. 

System Specification:

1.        Immersive

2.        Enjoyable

3.        Complete in function

4.        Plenty in mode