Virtual training system for urban rail transit vehicles


System overview:

Products through the virtual reality (VR) technology recreating the entire content of the urban rail vehicle frame overhaul operation, thus students can have A comprehensive teaching and learning, practice, take an examination of imitation of the real operating training, products mainly covers the city rail vehicle model A, type B, type C car models.

The product is simulated by VR simulation of vehicle decomposition, inspection, maintenance, replacement and test step according to the overhaul procedure of the urban rail vehicle. The maintenance parts mainly include air conditioning, electric bow, electrical system, bogie, axle, brake and wind source system, car hook, door, through road, etc. According to the instruction of animation, voice and text, the trainees step by step to complete the maintenance procedure and easy to learn. The operation procedure can be detailed to a bolt or pin, real reduction actual operation details. The system provides all kinds of maintenance tools and students can choose and use according to the maintenance requirements.