Railway Locomotive Advanced Repair (VR) Simulation Training System


System Overview:

Through the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the system regenerates all the content of the railway locomotive advanced repair for the trainee’s comprehensive training in teaching, learning, practicing and testing. The product locomotive types are: electric locomotive series (SS3B, SS7D, HXD1, HXD2B, HXD3, etc.), diesel locomotive series (DF4D, DF8B, HXN3, etc.).

According to the railway locomotive C4 and C5 repair regulation, the product could carry out the VR simulation operation in disassembly, inspection, repair, assembly, test, etc. The main repair components are: bogie (impeller, brake clamp, traction motor, etc.), diesel engine (piston rod, etc.), pantograph, coupler, cab, electric cabinet, wind pipeline, high/low voltage equipment, etc. The trainee could follow the guidance in animation, voice or text to manually carry out the maintenance procedure. It is easy to learn. The operation procedure could be dedicated to a bolt or a pin to authentically regenerate the actual operation detail.