WD Series Virtual Welding Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The WD Series Virtual Welding Comprehensive Simulation Training System is composed by the instructor station and the trainee station and is the updated common energy-saving and environmental welding operation training and evaluation platform. It is widely used in middle and high vocational colleges and large company internal training centers for welding training and teaching. Once the product was produced, it was sold in overseas and filled the product range in national market.

System Specification:

United with the distributed simulation technology, the microcomputer control technology, the sound simulation technology and the virtual reality technology, the system could simulate three welder: carbon-dioxide arc welding, manual arc welding and argon arc welding. The training feeling and effect are in consistence with the actual welder and there is no need of welding stick, welding rod, workpieces, gas and industrial electricity. There won’t be smoke and hidden danger. The system could be used non-stop for make the teaching and training being more relax and efficient.

System Advantages:

The product is not only energy-saving, environmental and high utilization rate but also equipped with the expert guidance, testing and evaluation functions that meets the vocational concept “teaching, learning, practicing”. The system gets high recognition and evaluation from the national and international middle and high vocational colleges and research institutes.

In recent year, various professions of vocational college are looking for a safe, environmental, and high-efficient digital training mode. Thus, the virtual welding comprehensive simulation training system and its constructed digital welding training center turn to the main format for the welding training.