WP Series Virtual Welding Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

JVR-WP Series Virtual Welding Comprehensive Simulation Training System is close to the actual welder in size and can be called the mini portable welder. The system broke the traditional welder limitation in weight and carrying mode to realize the improvement in light, compact, vigorous, etc.; by optimizing the function, the system could not only accomplish the normal welding operation but also realize the synchronized teaching of multi-media welding professional principle knowledge. In order to attract the trainee’s interest and initiative in technical learning, the system adopts the AR (Augmented Reality) technology to carry out the welding fun and workpiece tracing. Compared with the sole VR mode, the system is more immersive in meeting the personalized demand.

Module Function:

Portable Enclosure (Cabinet)

The main cabinet is comparable tiny in size and is square. There is lifting handle on top for carrying and universal wheels at bottom for moving; the inside is installed with computer host, circuit board, circuit board power supply, wiring, etc. At the back, there are fan vent, power socket port, network cable port, outside video interface (for projection), preset USB port for conditioning.

Helmet Displayer (Mask)

The mask is composed by two cameras, lamp (lighting device), scenery glasses, etc. It supports the stereo video collection and stereo image display functions. Through the worn glasses, the system integrates information of the real world with the virtual world by optical tracing without the authentic welding material and environment. It is able to observe the camera traced physical object and the simulated welding effect in strengthen the user’s vision immersion for having the feeling of being there.

Operation Panel, Socket Panel, Polarity Selection

The operation panel is equipped with the power switch, volume adjustment, and current and voltage adjustment device. The three welding gun types share one socket port which could be dynamic connected during the using process while using the fasten device. The socket port has the welding gun type checking function.

Welding Operation Support

The welding support, that is the welding operation desk, could be automatically contracted, stretched and rotated according to the different welding position in flat, horizontal, vertical, upward, etc.

Three Welding Gun Types

The close to reality welding gun is adopted. The welding is suitable for various welding type to simulate common welder, including: carbon-dioxide arc welding, argon tungsten-arc welding and shielded metal arc welding.

Touchable Interactive Screen

The user could carry out each product procedure by operating the touch screen.