Integrated simulation training system for urban rail transit communication signals


System overview:

Subway signal maintenance of teaching training platform is the use of the mainstream of urban rail transit CBTC signal system architecture, hardware, appearance and development of a set of functions and the appearance of the real equipment, light show, the logical relationship between identical simulation platform.

The product collection hardware equipment cognition, dismantling and installation, the board replacement, maintenance, fault diagnosis, and many other functions, increase the function of fault injection and script execution at the same time, according to practical scenario scripts rapid changes in the panel lights, outdoor equipment state in real devices such as inconvenient experience training supporting function, inside and outside of the signalman and on-board signal equipment maintenance training requirements.

 System functions:

1. Virtual combination of cognitive signal equipment

Equipment training system with the method of mix, relying on the manufacturer's equipment mainstream signal, set the main base and signal maintenance training system, can make the students understand the real engineering application of signal system and the working principle of the equipment.

2. Equipment installation, dismantling and maintenance

The system can make students themselves and dismantling and assembling switch machine, signal, interlocking cabinet, power supply panel, meter shaft cabinet, interface cabinet, wall units, such as rail line ark branch into automotive equipment, good training their practical ability.

3. Quick switching between fault simulation and scene

The system can make the students have a certain understanding of the equipment failure by using different signal equipment in the engineering application. At the same time, we can train the students' troubleshooting and troubleshooting ability, and lay the foundation for them to better apply the field work.

4. Standardized operation training

It is equipped with standard equipment maintenance and maintenance operation specification, so that the trainees can operate the equipment in accordance with the rules during the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

5. Simulate the operation of vehicle signal system

Training equipment to simulate an on-board ATP/ATO system and equipment running status, cooperate with simulated bridge, vehicle signal system can be the driving mode of management, train positioning, overspeed protection, automatic car driving, car door to monitor and control, buckle/the station, the supervision of regression function such as presentation and operating experience.

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