Urban Rail Transit Communication Signal Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The metro signal maintenance teaching & Training Platform adopts the dominated urban rail transit CBTC Signal system structure, hardware appearance and function that is totally in consistence with the actual equipment in appearance, display and logic.

This product integrates the functions of hardware equipment acknowledge, assembly and disassembly, board change, maintenance, trouble-shooting, etc. Meanwhile, the fault insert and script execution functions are added. According to the scenery script, the system is able to quick change the training functions which are not easy to be experience on the actual equipment, such as the indicator status, the out-door equipment status and so on. In this way, the system meets the training requirements for the signal staff in in-door, out-door and on-board equipment maintenance.

System Function:

1.Vitality and reality combination to acknowledge signal equipment

The training system adopts the vitality and reality combination mode and relies on the grand signal manufacturer to create the base and the line signal maintenance training system which enables the trainee to truly understand the actual project signal system and the work principle of the equipment.

2. Equipment assembly, disassembly and maintenance

The system enables the trainee to practice manually assembly and disassembly the rail and on-board equipment such as points, signal, interlocking cabinet, power supply screen, axles counter cabinet, interface cabinet, combined cabinet, cable cabinet, etc. The system is good at training the trainee’s practice capability.

3. Fault simulation and scenery swift change

Through the instructor station, the system is able to distribute various fault sceneries of different signal equipment which occur during the project application to enable the trainee be aware of the equipment fault. Meanwhile, the system could train the trainee’s capability in trouble-shooting and fault handling for making the trainee be better adaptable for the on-site work. 

4. Standard operation training

The system is equipped with the standard equipment maintenance and maintenance operation regulation enable the trainee to maintain the equipment according to the regulation.

5. On-board signal system running situation simulation

The training equipment could simulate running situation of the on-board ATP/ATP system and equipment. United with the simulation driver desk, the system is able to carry out the on-board signal system function’s demonstration and operation experience, such as driving mode management, train positioning, over-speed protection, automatic driving, vehicle door monitoring and control, car detain/overtaking station, backward running monitoring, etc.