Rail Transit Large-scale Track Maintenance Machine, Rail Car, Contact Network Operation Car Comprehensive Simulation Training System


System Overview:

The Rail Transit Auto Running product series includes various auto running special equipment, such as railway track car, JW4/JW4G contact network operation car, line tamping wagon, points tamping wagon, tamping stabilizer car, rail flaw detecting car, rail grinding car, etc. It is plenty in product range and complete in function. The system adopts the scenery expert guidance mode to give the tips by steps and according to the railway regulation during the trainee learning process. It enables the trainee to quick master the locomotive operation regulation and strengthen the standard operation awareness for ensuring the safety production.

System Function:

1.        Meets the requirements for the trainee in learning locomotive inspection operation and acknowledge locomotive equipment

2.        Meets the various scenery training for driver and assistant driver in carrying out shunting, input-output of warehouse, coupling and unmarshaling, route running and reverse running and so on for mastering the technical requirement and running regulation

3.        Meets the trainee’s learning in operation equipment handling and mastering of operation regulation

4.        Meets the trainee’s handling in locomotive fault and abnormal

Training Position:

1.        Driver, assistant driver

2.        Construction operation personnel

3.        Dispatcher