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    Induction training

    Induction training, mainly for the company's new staff to introduce the company history, basic workflow, behavior standards, organization structure, personnel structure and relationship between colleagues. Purpose is to make the staff into the team, to help new employees learn the organization's values, culture, and expectations, to help new employees get proper role behavior, encourage new employees to form a positive attitude, orientation for our transformation!

    Outdoors training

    By taking part in outdoors training, not only can make the personal skills and mental workout, and can let the participants deeply realized the importance of teamwork, to discover the greatest potential of each person ,for doing better in the later work!

    Skills training

    Skills training is to understand the company's industry and professional theory knowledge training, make employees faster and better into the industry, and skill learning plans and goals for staff to themselves to recognize their shortcomings, through auxiliary information to achieve their own capabilities or technical improvement.

    Management training

    Supervisor training: mainly for reserve cadre training or supervisor , the training content is basic management skills, such as team communication, team execution, the course of mentality; Middle managers training: course content mainly includes the preliminary training of managers, the human resource management of human resources, leadership, affiliated to foster, even including some internal trainer course; Senior management training: senior management training includes decision-making power, market insight, leadership, vision planning, and career concept.

    Employee's life

    The company always adhere to people-oriented, respect employees, and safeguard employees' interests. On the basis of improving employee compensation and welfare, improving the production and living conditions of employees, we will increase investment and focus on the construction of corporate culture.

    In recent years, the new office area of the company plans to build a library, lounge, badminton room and other cultural sharing facilities. For active employee cultural life, annual "38", "51", "May 4th", "July 1" and other major National Day and New Year's day holiday, the relevant departments have organized form, a variety of cultural activities. The day trip of working center, tug-of-war, birthday and other activities have enriched the life of employees, cultivated the staff's sentiment, and laid the foundation for their better work. The spring sports meeting held in May every year, the golden autumn festival held in October, all staff are actively involved and have achieved good results.

    Happy Annual meeting

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