The military series of ships


The development of VR technology comes from the aerospace and military sectors, and its latest technological achievements are often first applied to the aerospace and military sectors. The development of military science and technology in the 21st century is inseparable from VR technology, which has a far-reaching impact on various military activities and has a very wide range of military applications. And the ship industry as a maritime transport vehicle, its particularity also requires that it is more safe, practical and economical in the of talents.

Solution’s content:

The ship integrated simulation system and military simulation system.

Solution’s advantages:

Ship maneuvering simulation system was applied to include in restricted waters for advanced control and pilot, including ship maneuvering, collision and BRM, ARPA radar plotting and subjects such as the and examination, large ship maneuvering.

Military simulation system with equipment simulation and command simulation is given priority to, such as military colleges provide a realistic 3 d battlefield environment and the simulated sound effects, including combat background, battlefield scene, all sorts of weapons and equipment and operational personnel, for the user to create a nearly real three-dimensional battlefield environment, cultivate trainees equipment operation and command and coordination skills.

Users interact and interact with objects in a virtual environment through the necessary devices to create an "immersive" experience that equals the real environment.

Technical advantages:

By using computer technology, virtual reality technology, computer network technology and simulation technology, can improve the quality of .

By using immersive interactive system, students can interact with virtual environment, familiar with all kinds of essentials and operating procedures, improve under the condition of all kinds of ability, familiar with equipment, the maximum efficiency of the improvement of the students' perception of the actual combat.


It is mainly aimed at ship control simulation system and military simulation system for ships and military colleges and universities.

Has traditional talent cultivation system in the shipbuilding industry and military field exercise incomparable advantages of the security, economic, in effectively promote the development of the shipbuilding industry in our country, and provide technical possible aspects for the cultivation of military talents.