General aviation series


As one of the most safety means of transportation in the world, aviation needs to spend a lot of manpower and material resources on talents because of its particularity in modes of transport. Nowadays, the development of civil aviation industry has increased the demand for aviation talents, and during the actual flight , not only the flight safety problems, but also the great investment of materials. Therefore, simulation is essential before actual flight .

Solution’s advantages:

System USES contextualized mode, but in the process of , the students’ knowledge and testing, such as the operation with the test results, in order to guide the direction and focus. After the is completed, the results can be evaluated.

"Vocational guidance, progressive ability" as the basic train of thought for design, with "teaching, learning and doing" as the main line, based on the working process of the course system, the use of virtual reality technology and computer technology, simulation environment and the operating environment, truly satisfy standardization flight control drills, emergency fault handling simulation exercises, outbound check homework before exercises, etc.


It is applicable to aviation colleges and airlines for and routine for pilots.

At present, the scope of business throughout all regions except Tibet, was accepted by the user has been not only, more the development of China's aviation industry and aviation talents provides a more convenient technology and equipment. In the future, the company will continue to carry out technological innovation and make unremitting efforts for the advancement of aviation and high quality of talents.