The eighth national transportation and transportation industry “The CRRC and J&T cup” was successfully held


(China traffic radio Feng Zheng)  On November 19, 2016 by the ministry of transport, human resources and social security ministry, the all-china federation of trade unions to co-host the 2016 skills contest, China - the eighth session of national transport industry “The CRRC and J&T cup” railway train driver vocational skills competition (hereinafter referred to as the "contest") the closing ceremony and awards ceremony held in Henan traffic vocational and technical college, the competition was successfully held.

After three days of intense competition, Mr. Liu from Shanghai Shentong metro group co., LTD won the won the first prize in the national finals industry group of inpiduals, and by the competition organizing committee to push the national federation of trade unions, won the "national May 1 labor medal of honor. Peng Yingjie from Shanghai Shentong metro group co., LTD., Jiang Tao and Guangzhou metro group co., won the second prize in the industry group. Six contestants, such as the Beijing subway operating company Pudehai, Guangzhou metro group co., LTD., Chen Jiewu and Xue Wenyi, won the third prize. In addition to the MEDALS awarded by the organizing committee, they will also receive the honorary title of "national skilled hands" issued by the ministry of social security. The first group was obtained by Henan provincial transportation department.

Trade union chairman of the national committee of Chinese seafarers construction Ding Xiaogang won the second prize of industry group of inpiduals for Ding Guanling of Shanghai Shentong metro group co., LTD., Beijing subway operating company Peng Yingjie awards.

The first three groups of students were obtained by Beijing transport vocational college, Chongqing railway transportation senior technical school and Hohhot institute of mechanical engineering.

The special contribution award was awarded to J&T Hi-Tech and CRRC.

The closing ceremony and awards conference by the organizing committee of the contest, deputy section chief of the ministry of transport and personnel Li Liangsheng host, Liu Xiaoming, vice minister of transportation Zhao Jiancai, vice governor of the people's government of Henan province to attend and talk, professional qualification, deputy director of the center of the ministry of transport Zhu Chuansheng contest work report. From the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of traffic and transportation, transportation administration, vocational qualification institution, rail transit operation enterprise, rail transportation vocational colleges and the leadership of the student representatives, J&T , CRRC’s leadership and the leadership of the workers' representatives, the mainstream media and transportation industry, Henan, jointly witnessed the industry event.

Industry professional skills competition:                

"Competition +" model helps the industry develop

This is the first time that the urban rail transit vocational skills competition has reached the national level competition platform, which marks the new height of the urban rail transit industry.

Vocational skills contest is to implement the central "on deepening the reform of the system of talent development mechanism on the important measure, is to speed up the construction of reinvigorating China through human resource development, is the effective means to stimulate innovation to create entrepreneurial activity.

Since 2007, the national transportation industry vocational skills competition as an important competition industry should, born of the action potential, has become a first-line employees to participate in the activities of the industry, improve the professional skills of a good platform, but also industry training and selection of the important carrier of skilled personnel and industry brand, arena show workers technical level and operation ability, has recognized the reliability and esteemed. Today, the "competition +" model is growing in a more vigorous and fuller direction.

Every success of the national transportation industry professional skills competition has selected a group of excellent drivers with high professional quality, solid theoretical knowledge and hard driving skills. In the industry, the technology, competition skills, and the contribution of the boom. The driver for transportation industry to develop vision, presentation skills, learn from each other to build a good platform, for the transportation system and labor system in the future continue to vocational skills competition, jointly organized by accumulated valuable experience. At the same time, the professional skills competition has been trained in the way of competition, a whole set of relatively mature and perfect system, has also achieved good publicity education and demonstration effect.

“The CRRC and J&T cup” railway train driver vocational skills competition as a continuation of previous competition, good genes inherited the past events, and guide the machine is changed, geared to the needs of urban rail transit field, directly into the domestic operating metro city, 28 have opened the day-to-day work, field training and competing in the practical operation skills, showing the unique value of the vocational skills competition to keep pace with The Times.

Talent strategy in the country, the "made in China 2025" and the Chinese traffic under the background of the strategy of "going out" of the race, by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security and the national federation of trade unions jointly hosted. Center of qualification of profession of the ministry of transport and transport research institute as the organizer, guarantee "the Chinese skills competition" in the system, mechanism and industry authority, the CRRC and J&T Hi-Tech as co-sponsors of the competition, as competition for advanced equipment and professional technical support. The closing ceremony location selection was established in more than 60 years at the same time, competition, cultivating talents of nearly 100000 transportation "Henan traffic talents cradle" Henan traffic vocational and technical college, in order to through the rationalization of the construction of the vocational skills contest to promote professional, deepen the cooperation between colleges. At national, industry, enterprises, scientific research units and the co-construction and sharing of the vocational colleges competition platform, the organizing committee of the contest of adhering to the "quality, originality spirit" ideal and faith, capital subway development achievements in China, looking for a "good Chinese subway driver", passed China transportation "is the most beautiful expression.

Highlights of the competition:

The land is full of spring

On August 4, 2016, the competition was launched in the CRRC. The ministry of transport, the ministry of human resources and social security, the national federation of trade unions, the Chinese academy of engineering, college of management, urban rail transport cadres, traffic line refers to the operation branch of the steering committee, the national committee of urban rail transportation engineering has opened city rail transit, the subway company, vocational colleges and more than 30 media and more than 400 people attend the launching ceremony. During the race started, academician of the Chinese urban rail transit workshop, Chinese urban rail transit advanced workshop, Chinese urban rail transit talent supply and demand of meetings, the subway culture festival held in China.

Compete between higher vocational colleges is the highlight of the contest, after experts serious discussion, the organizing committee approval form industry technical scheme and the student group technology solutions programmatic document, and all the test and examination of project was transparent, and in the form of industry documents issued. The technical scheme and the competition scheme not only provide industry guidance for the competition, but also the vocational training of professional and first-line operating enterprises.

The scheme overall competition consists of two parts, theory of knowledge and skills assessment, including theoretical knowledge scores (30%), skills assessment scores (70%), question bank reasonable structure design, the topic quantity is enough. In order to facilitate the study of competitors, the organizing committee has also developed a theoretical test simulation platform with the company, encouraging all professionals to acquire more professional knowledge through the Internet system.

According to the pre-match schedule submitted by the participating cities, the organizing committee secretariat will provide the competition simulator for the preliminary competition. Within three months, 24 cities in the country held preliminary competitions and 29 metro companies were actively involved. In the end, a total of 60 players from 19 provinces and 25 cities were selected to win the national finals. Compact, focused, accurate, smooth... Behind each of the scores of each contestant, there are countless times in the two or three square meters of the driver's room, alone in the control of the practice of the skills of the practice and adherence; It is the number of times to overcome the monotonous environment that is easy to feel tired, to say to oneself listen to, remind the time to keep the vigilant "finger of the mouth call"; It is a reliable figure that, in a few minutes, can connect the faulty train to the unconnected.

At the same time, the student groups have been selected to cover 50 vocational colleges across the country, with 29 vocational colleges and 87 players in the final. The industry group and the student group are in rotation, the competition, the vitality shows. Through competition, to strengthen the peer exchange, the exchange of upstream and downstream, as well as third-party support, promote the use of in-depth combination, embodies the combination of theories and skills upgrading, played a real contact skills contest vocational colleges and the advantage of upstream and downstream enterprises, contribute to and deepening cooperation of vocational colleges and employers.

Final contest:

The elite will compete with each other

Theoretical assessment, driving skills, rescue joint hang, fault handling, emergency disposal, standardization homework... The same competition project and assessment criteria, different atmosphere. In the fierce finals, the contestants overcame their own tension, with hard driving skills, strict operating procedures and sincere service attitude, and devoted themselves to the competition. "No hope, no preparation for war." They aimed at the pursuit of excellence, beyond the self, with the most full of enthusiasm, the most stable state of mind to deal with each level assessment, makes every effort to get good grades, with high sense of responsibility shows the image of the city railway train drivers in our country.

At the same time, many players are carrying through the game to find their own lack of mentality, absorb competition experience, usually with the national counterparts in the competitive complement each other, learn from the advantages of other urban rail industry, bring advanced operation process, drive to go back to work, to point with surface, promote development in order to hone, lead Dalian metro all the drivers to a more full of enthusiasm, more exquisite technology for the general public passenger service.

Zhu Chuansheng , deputy director of the center of qualification of profession of the ministry of transport work report affirmed their performance in the competition, the players in the final strives for perfection, tenacious struggle, to fully demonstrate their strong technical skills and struggling spirit, truly reflects the "spirit inheritance, personnel selection, exercising the technical skills, showing industry" professional skills contest. Through theoretical knowledge and skill operation, a group of skilled and hard - style players emerged.

Transportation, vice minister Liu Xiaoming said that this competition to achieve the three goals: one batch of high-quality technical talents through the competition to stand out, competition has become the urban rail traffic growth of skilled talents in the field of fast-track, become a good platform for professional and technical personnel of high quality. All the contestants who are two strong, hard working, positive enterprising, shows the industry practitioners uplifting of vigor and vitality, shows the industry young technicians superb skills, strong quality. You use own practical action and performance, inspired national transportation industry workers, especially young workers working on new technology, master new skills, creating new performance, bring more workers' skills for walk the road of success. Three competition is to carry forward the "labor glorious, skills, create a great precious" the era of fashion, built the whole society to understand traffic, concerned about traffic, support, respect, good atmosphere of transportation practitioners.

Liu xiaoming, vice minister pointed out that in July this year, the department of transportation issued by the city public transport "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development outline, outline explicitly proposed to "public transport priority, speed up the development of urban rail transit". From October 1, 1969, Beijing's first subway lines built open to traffic, urban rail transit in our country has experienced the developing course of 47 years, in the year to October, the national total of 28 cities opened the urban rail transit lines, operating more than 3300 kilometers; By the end of the 13th five-year plan period, more than 50 cities will open rail transit and operate more than 6,000 kilometers. Can say, with the advancement of public transportation priority strategy, the vigorous development of the urban rail transit, rail transit workers, especially in railway train driver will be promising, will go a long way.