(Original) Vice minister of transport Mr. Weng, inspected my company's simulation examination equipment


In 2016, the eighth national transportation industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" vocational skills competition during the railway train driver , (Original)vice minister of transportation Mr. Weng visit my company independent research and development of customized simulation test equipment for the contest. On August 4, 2016 by the ministry of transport, human resources, social security, the all-china federation of trade unions to co-host the 2016 skills contest, China - the eighth session of national transport industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" ceremony of the railway train driver vocational skills competition is held in the CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co ., LTD in Zhuzhou city, Hunan province.

Original deputy secretary of the ministry of transport, vice minister of China highway society of Mr. Weng, chief engineer of the ministry of transport, Zhou Wei ,construction of Chinese seafarers union, WeiWei, vice President of the national committee on transport Cui Xuezhong, vice President of the academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering Liu Meimei, deputy secretary of Hunan provincial transportation, deputy director-general of the 16, Zhuzhou city vice mayor He Jianbo, the CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co ., LTD chairman of the board of directors, general manager of Zhou Qinghe, chairman of Zhengzhou J&T Hi-Tech co., LTD., Zheng Leguan and other leaders to attend the competition. From the ministry of transport, the Chinese academy of engineering, human resources and social security ministry, the national federation of trade unions, Zhuzhou city government, the car group and member of the leadership of the experts, the provinces of urban rail transit, head of the local human resources and social security bureau, local trade unions, traffic line refers to the steering committee, committee of urban rail transportation engineering around the subway operating company, rail transportation vocational colleges and the leadership of the student representatives, the J&T Hi-Tech, the CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co ., in the machine's leadership and the leadership of the workers' representatives, central, Hunan and transportation industry mainstream media witnessed this exciting moment together.

After the starting up ceremony, be accompanied by the chairman of the board of directors Zheng Leguan and the company manager Gao Zhisheng , minister Weng Mengyong came to the places of driving simulation equipment, inspection and experience the product we simulated driving.