The J&T Hi-Tech appeared in the 2017 world transport conference .VR experience attracts eyeballs!


The J&T Hi-Tech appeared in the 2017 world transport conference .VR experience attracts eyeballs!

With the continuous development and application of technological innovation and intelligent transportation, intelligent technology has been widely used in various aspects of transportation industry.

The 2017 world transportation conference, sponsored by the China association of science and technology, opened at 9 a.m. at the Beijing national convention center on June 5.

This is approved by the state council to be held in our country for the first time the transportation category of international academic conference, aims to build international collaborative innovation and integration, and promote the development of transportation industry in China, the transformation and upgrading of infrastructure construction and management.

President of China highway society, Weng Mengyong

The party secretary and director of the vocational qualification center of the department of transportation and transportation

The integrated system of urban rail driving organization is the main character of the simulator

Urban rail traffic organization integrated system to train control system as the core, contains "car, machine, supply, electricity, car", such as rail transit operation management and traffic command each system and related system simulation interface, combined with the current the most popular computer simulation technology and virtual reality technology, the metro field physical equipment and the integration of virtual simulation system, common to build the powerful rail transport personnel system.

Integrated system of urban rail driving organization

Since the establishment of the company in 2002, the research and development of virtual simulation system has been continuously upgraded and the technology has been constantly innovated. So far, the simulation system series of products have universal coverage of high speed railway (CRH) series, the ordinary speed railway (Shaoshan series, Dongfeng series) shortages, heavy rail, large machinery and the mainstream models of urban rail transit. The business covers all provinces of China, and has been cooperating with many research institutes and universities in the long term, and has achieved fruitful research results.

Driving simulation

Is that last year at the eighth session of national transport industry "The CRRC and J&T cup" railway train driver occupation during the race, J&T Hi-Tech as co-sponsors, provide technical support all the way, this exhibition exhibited the same set of driving simulation system, not only strong and hot, this exhibition experience nation, a lot of the leaders and guests could not help but go up after having a driver's subway "addiction".

The VR experience attracts the attention of the virtual welding system

The VR experience is much more novel than a simulated driver. As a cutting-edge technology, VR virtual reality is more capable of giving people imagination and infinite possibilities.

VR experience area

J&T’s independent research and development the JanVR simulation engine with intellectual property rights and development platform, and as the core, the implementation of diversified development strategy, and the business scope involves the orbit transportation, industrial welding, general aviation, national defense and safety culture, and other areas of the five.

Virtual welding integrated simulation system

In addition to the eye-catching VR experience area, virtual welding integrated simulation system has also received a lot of attention. It is the largest market share in the domestic market, which has been tested by users for many years and the most reliable virtual simulation equipment.

By 2017, the J&T Hi-Tech has past 15 years, as well as working on the "virtual simulation of professional system solution provider" this concept, the company always adhere to the technology and product innovation, leading the industry development by innovation, for the domestic market at the same time, expand the overseas market, continue deepening the long-term goal of "going out".

All the way to the exhibition

It is worth mentioning that J&T’s wholly owned subsidiary - Beijing J&T Shenmou military technology co., LTD. Is fully involved in the exhibition, demonstrated its sailing driving simulation system, and attracted a large number of the leaders and guests at home and abroad.