[Changzhou vocational education exhibition] the scene is wonderful, four "happy things" to the exhibition draw a successful ending!


On the first day of the opening the crowd surged,the 15th national professional education modern technical equipment and textbook exhibition opened on the second day of the exhibition at the west taihu lake expo center in Changzhou. 

The J&T's booth has always been very busy, has got the recognition of leadership, at the same time, ushered in many vocational colleges leadership visit, has won two awards application case, still can be called a rail transit area one of the most popular exhibitors.

The leader watches the city rail simulation driving training process

With the visit of Xie li, deputy director of the ministry of education, the exhibition entered an orgasmic stage.

With the accompany of China's vocational education professional committee secretary-general Zhang Lihua, director Xie visited the J&T's booth, one by one to understand the participation of urban rail traffic simulation training related equipment and virtual simulation training related equipment, the training process of urban rail transit simulator was also viewed.

Exhibition period, he have a happy talk with the J&T's general manager Gao Zhisheng , highly affirmed our company's product simulation practice in the reform of vocational education and the advantages of talent fostering and the role, encouraging companies to actively explore overseas markets, keeping up with the overall development of the country's "go out".

Under the "The Belt and Road" national development strategy , "made in China" is transformed in to "created in China" , the output occupy international highland of core technology and high-end equipment, technical innovation, product constantly upgrading is the permanent development path, and the J&T always adhere to the development train of thought. In the process of helping the country to "go out" development, the J&T will continue to support both of the technology and service.

There's an endless stream of leadership in vocational colleges

At the same time, "The national vocational college 2017 annual meeting of the joint meeting of the principal" is also being held. In the early morning, a number of vocational school leaders have come to visit the booths.

During the visit and exchange, the representatives of many vocational colleges ask about the detail of the J&T Hi-Tech's products, in line with the actual conditions of the display equipment, affirmed the J&T Hi-Tech series products in the practicability and superiority in the process.

The two prizes are deserved

The "first professional education virtual simulation application case selection activity" organized by China professional technology education association released the results and held the award ceremony today. After more than a month of online poll results and on-site experts’ evaluation, the results are finally come out.

It is worth to congratulate that, the J&T Hi-Tech "urban rail transit comprehensive simulation training solutions" and "virtual welding comprehensive simulation training system" to participate in the selection, and respectively won the award for the best application cases in the field.

The award is an inspiration and affirmation to the results of the years of development of the J&T Hi-Tech.

Good products don't have to worry about selling out. In the past 15 years, the J&T Hi-Tech's simulation training system has cooperated with more than 200 domestic and overseas units, and the business scope covers the whole country and overseas markets. Strong market share is the best support for this award.

Virtual welding machines help "precise support poverty"

Since the 18th National Congress,away from poverty becomes the basic tasks to build a well-off society in an all-round way and iconic index, "precise support poverty" is to reduce poverty in 13 million people a year above achievement, real to create benefits for the poor.

The J&T Hi-Tech as one of vocational education training field leading companies, response "accurate" for poverty alleviation policy of the country, to promote the construction of vocational skills training system in poverty-stricken areas, with products and technologies to skill talent education and training to provide support in the poor areas.

The virtual welding simulation training system has been implemented in the "targeted poverty alleviation" project in Gansu province. Compared with the traditional skill personnel training mode, virtual simulation training is not only low cost, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, in the process of poverty alleviation, implement the national strategy of sustainable development, protection of regional environment at the same time can effectively achieve the goal of away from poverty.

In the future, our company will have more product batches released to help the talent development in poor areas, and contribute a strength to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

After a series of good plays, today, the J&T Hi-Tech always welcomes guests to visit our company, and we have gathered many industry eyes while serving the guests. Two days of exhibition time passed quickly, the first session of J&T Hi-Tech's Changzhou vocational education fair was successfully concluded. Our colleagues, we are looking forward to meeting again.