EMU Simulation Driving Comprehensive Training System


System Overview:

The EMU Simulation Driving System contains various locomotive types of EMU and forms a comprehensive training system through teaching, training and testing modes. The system units the own feature of the EMU to provide the highly simulated driving environment, creates the 3D scenery line according to the actual line maintenance data and builds the simulation signal system according to the actual line signal mode. The highly simulated ATP system could interact with the virtual signal system. The system provides various driving desk and cab environment and the 3D engine could simulate the blurred vision during the EMU high speed running process. The above features construct the highly simulated, immersive and various teaching methods EMU Simulation Driving Training System.

System Function:

Meets the requirements for the Standard Driving Process (including HMI, ATP detailed operations), the Emergency Handling, the Abnormal Running and the Train Attendant One Standard Operation Process

Training Position:


On-board Technician