EMU Tertiary Repair (VR) Simulation Training System


System Overview:

Through the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the system regenerates all the content of the tertiary repair operation for training the trainee in teaching, learning, practicing and testing. The product mainly contains the mainstream train type as EMU CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5, CRH380A(L), CRH380B(L), CR400AF, CR400BF, etc.

Based on the EMU tertiary repair’s repair regulation, the trainee could learn the tertiary repair operation process, the usage of needed tools and the notes through assembly and disassembly of: sleeper beam, framework, antenna beam, traction components, motor components, wheel set and axle box, first vertical damper, second vertical damper, anti-yaw damper, air spring, air spring connection control equipment, gear case, axle counter, bogie accessary, rock sweeper, wheel flange lubrication, channel, and cable.