Urban rail transit integrated simulation practical solution


In recent years, the rapid development of rail transit in China, the construction and operation has grown in size and talent demand is growing industry, at the same time, the industry talent supply, highlighted the problems such as unreasonable structure gradually, become the sustainable development of rail transportation's short board.

The products for Locomotive dispatch management system for Zhengzhou Railway Bureau and Zhengzhou Railway Bureau

In the information technology and high-tech products constantly updated, the traditional mode still adopts the pattern of "master train an apprentice", which leads to low efficiency of , opportunities, learning is difficult, information update slow, it is hard to assessment of the real level, unable to continue , effect and actual gap, already can't keep up with the speed and scale of urban rail transit development in our country. In order to promote the smooth development of the rail transit industry, the search for more efficient, high-quality and low-cost mode has become an urgent problem for the industry.

Solution’s advantages:

VR/AR technology research and development of urban rail transit talent provides the possibility of more efficient, high quality, its application in talent cultivation of urban rail transit, opens up a new + the new mode of 3 d virtual simulation. Products with "vocational guidance, progressive ability" as the basic way of thinking in terms of product design, with "teaching, practice," as the main line, based on the working process of the course system, at the same time, the product technology norms and standards as the evaluation standard, according to the real scene, real equipment and the actual operation process to construct venues, meet the demand of students .

Combining the 3D virtual technology with the real environment, the intense immersive and animation demonstration effect is very attractive, which can arouse students' interest in learning and produce better learning effect. The virtual reality , the practice and assessment, the traditional theory teaching, the quality is higher; Computer 3d modeling builds virtual scene to save cost. High efficiency, high quality, low cost, strong interest, easy to learn, and a series of advantages of high level, it is the future of urban rail transportation talent cultivation's solution.


The scheme is based on train operation control, including driving, passenger transport, vehicle driving and maintenance, communication, signal, power supply, AFC and other system and related system simulation interface. Through constructing a real urban rail operation OCC dispatching center platform, car depot and the station control room, the station hall public areas such as work environment, dispatching center, station, affair, coordination between trains, to complete the normal train operation organization, abnormal traffic organization, and the whole process of emergency response, make the students in mastering the related basic operation of the terminal software at the same time, improve the ability of handling the actual beginning ability and accident emergency. Through the cooperation and cooperation between different positions, enhance the students' cooperation ability and safety awareness, and improve the work content of each link, thus improving the professional quality.

Technical features:

Independent research and development with completely independent intellectual property rights of Simu Matri simulation engine industry development platform, using virtual reality technology, augmented reality, system simulation technology, through the combination of physical devices and virtual simulation system, the construction of rail transit comprehensive and collaborative base.


It involves various types of work such as rail transit operation management and maintenance, including rail transit driving, dispatching and maintenance.

The scheme can bear the and assessment of the students of metro college and metro units, which can effectively avoid a lot of practice in a real environment caused by the consumption of circuits and devices, especially in some major fault and accident, has a unique advantage. Due to its safety, energy saving, fast and efficient features, it has become the preferred form of for railway colleges and metro units.

At present, the company's business has been throughout the various provinces   except Tibet, and exported to South Africa, the United States and Pakistan, get the praise of the vocational colleges and institutions, the industry of establishing a good reputation, and promote the urban rail transit in China's developed.