The comprehensive simulation solution of The ordinary speed rail and high speed railway


The rapid development of high-speed rail has brought the railway transportation industry to an unprecedented new level, and the high profile of the standard emu in the "Renaissance" has brought a new opportunity to China's high-speed rail industry. The rapid development of industry, create demand for high quality talents of hunger and thirst, but the traditional model efficiency and quality can't keep up with demand gap, under this condition, high efficiency, high quality talents  become a mainstream industry mode.

The  products for Locomotive safety protection system for Wuhan Railway Bureau

Solution’s content:

The comprehensive simulation practical solution of the general speed railway , the comprehensive simulation practical solution of high-speed railway. Comprehensive coverage of the high-speed railway (CRH series), the general speed railway (Shaoshan series, Dongfeng series), heavy-duty railway and other mainstream models.

Solution’s advantages:

Combining the 3D virtual technology with the real environment, the intense immersive and animation demonstration effect is very attractive, which can arouse students' interest in learning and produce better learning effect. The virtual reality , the practice and assessment, the traditional theory teaching, the quality is higher; Computer 3d modeling builds virtual scene can save costs. High efficiency, high quality, low cost, strong interest, easy to learn, and a series of advantages of high level, it is the future of urban rail transportation talent cultivation's solution.

Technical advantages:

System adopts computer simulation technology, virtual reality technology, by rail site physical equipment and the combination of virtual simulation system, build traffic, maintenance, electricity, vehicle and transportation of various professional integrated and collaborative base of more jobs. The modular design is adopted, which can be independently trained and coordinated with each other.

Realistic train performance simulation and running environment simulation: including train running performance simulation, train subsystem simulation and running environment simulation, etc. Real practice in 3d simulation scenario: the system has the function of normal drilling and abnormal drilling in 3d simulation scenes. The students can operate according to the actual operation procedures and methods in the three-dimensional environment, and carry out related operations such as train inspection, abnormal conditions, emergency’s troubleshooting and so on. Multi-role interaction drill: the modules can be used independently, and can be coordinated with each other to improve the ability of coordination and skills and emergency handling.


Can train all workers covered by the rail system and including drivers, the emu airline driver, the ground mechanic, diagnosis, engineers, maintenance engineers, station attendant, power controllers, signalman, CTC schedulin