Special operations series


For carrying out the special operations personnel safety technical evaluation management regulations (national safety supervision administration makes no. 30), the interim measures for the certificate of qualification examination and administration of production safety (safety [2013] No. 104) the relevant requirements, special operations security technology practice examination, state administration of production safety supervision and management of the classification to the "special operation safety technology practical examination standard (trial), special operation safety technology practical test point device equipped with standard (try out).

Special operation staff more, wide distribution area, the field of traditional examination need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources, covers an area of big, there is a certain risk factors, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency of the exam and the test efficiency is not high, in addition, the inherent limitations in the traditional way to many exam content cannot be achieved.

Solution’s advantages:

In order to solve the above problems, and at the same time improve the pertinence, applicability and operability of exam, our company in accordance with national standards, and by fully studying with the expert inside course , put forward the  design concept of simulation,  unattended, developed intelligent, automation system, the simulation test of different working environment, mass practical test under different working conditions, significantly improve the quality of the examination and reduce the test cost, safety and environmental protection at the same time, ensure the fairness of the exam.

Design concept:

It adopts the concept of unattended and automated test for the first time, and combines the Internet, automatic control, precise sensing, VR, AR, MR and other advanced technologies to create a virtual reality simulation platform.

Technical advantages:

This system use of physical equipment, intelligent control, with its conform to the requirements of the test, , part of the risk and the specific environment, the virtual reality technology is used to present case, both emphasize hands-on, and fully consider about the outline of coverage and realizable of examination questions.

Product composition:

The solution includes comprehensive test management center, waiting center, supporting facilities, public subjects and series of subsystems, which have obvious advantages in cultivating talents in special industries.

Now, it is widely used in the security bureau, enterprises and major test centers, and has received good feedback and reputation.


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