Industrial welding series


With the rapid development of science and technology, welding has been developed from the traditional thermal processing to set materials, metallurgy, structure, mechanics, electronics and other scientific disciplines for the integration of engineering technology, appeared extremely high technology content and added value, becoming an integral part of modern industry, especially the shipbuilding industry and military industry most welding application.

However, the traditional welding mode is not ideal for environmental conditions, and the welding process produces a lot of smoke and harmful gases. High consumables and high cost; the disadvantages of low efficiency are obvious in the cultivation of talents.

Products’ advantages:

As the first domestic engaged in the study of simulation electric welding machine, and is also one of the few in the world can achieve complex molten pool, the weld logic simulation's enterprises ,since 2008 our company  has developed, including first augmented reality version (WP300) five series of products, this series of products are no need to use welding wire, welding wire, gas, artifacts, such as real material, safety, energy saving, environmental protection. tasks can be made of flat horizontal vertical upward and plate, thickness, interface, flexible groove and free collocation, high operation process can be realistic simulation of molten pool, welding, arc welding, arc and dust, spatter, sound effect, strong immersive, can improve the efficiency, save time, while lower the strength of teaching can increase students' interest in learning, students are more likely to accept and master the welding knowledge and operation skills. Since the launch of the product, it has provided the best solution for many users of different needs, which has won the wide application and good reputation of all the universities and enterprises.