Fire drill series


In recent years, the rapid development of industrialization, urbanization and marketization has brought new problems to fire safety. New techniques, new materials, new products and new technologies are widely used, the rapid development of manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, production, storage, living as one of the "triad" and the increasing number of places, stream of people, logistics, petrochemical inflammable and explosive enterprise scale, increase the risk and the increasing number of fire hazards, the factors such as fire prevention situation is more serious.

The nation attaches great importance to fire control safety, on the one hand, and constantly improve the relevant laws and regulations, strict supervision and management, increase investment in safety equipment, on the other hand, strengthen publicity and education, enhance the public especially social units on fire control safety consciousness, popularize knowledge of fire prevention and fire extinguishing and escape and skills. Traditional and exercise programs, however, space is generally limited, relatively low involvement and the exercise frequency is not high, so that the inspection evaluation is difficult, the overall effect is not very ideal.

Solution’s advantages:

For this, I company with public security fire control departments, enterprises, colleges and universities make a lot of communication, using precision sensor technology, automatic control technology and VR, AR, MR technology, developed a complete set of fire drill system .It has various modes, cover hidden perils, beginning of firefighting and rescue, fire emergency evacuation and on-site first-aid class more subjects, such as strengthening theory and practice experience of interaction, truly normalized exercise, both to ensure safety, and can provide approximate to real fire scene environment, and daily exercise can be unable to design the disastrous results show in front of, fully promote students' safety consciousness, fire control knowledge, and skills.

The scheme has a comprehensive system of fire control knowledge and lifelike interactive fire drill content, in the process of operation without real fire safety problems such as, without being limited by the space, can easily meet the demand of large-scale fire drill, and fully improved the efficiency of , improve the quality, saving the cost greatly. It can quickly popularize fire protection knowledge, enhance the fire safety awareness of use personnel, prevent or reduce the occurrence of fire events.

Technical advantages:

This system integrates virtual reality, the system simulation, sound simulation and human-computer interaction cutting-edge technology at an organic whole, high-fidelity simulation of fire scene, for the use of personnel to provide fire drill environment.

At present, the system is widely used in the , drilling and assessment of steel, power, petrochemical, transportation and school, and has been recognized by users.

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