Virtual firefighting, is the gospel of a new era of fire rescue!


In the rail transit, the safety is the first, and the virtual simulation experts said that due to rail traffic passenger volume, space closed and other reasons, fire emergency program and treatment is very important, but due to the actual operating space constraints, In the past, it was difficult for us to have the opportunity to operate, and the emergence of virtual firefighting is a perfect solution to this problem.

Virtual simulation

Through the virtual simulation of the scene of the disaster settings, the deployment of power deployment, the choice of firefighting and rescue tactics, the use of equipment, the implementation of action measures and other functional design, from the firefighting tactics and specific action measures on both aspects of the disaster scene, site scheduling, decision analysis, specific firefighting skills, emergency treatment and other content to visualize the interactive trainand provide comprehensive evaluation of , to improve the practical application of firefighting and judge the ability.

The virtual fire extinguishing system breaks through the objective limitation of the traditional to the shortage of the actual ground, and the overall investment cost is small, the is no environmental pollution and no harm. Virtual fire in a variety of high-risk areas and emergency treatment occasions have a wide range of applications, can be applied to urban emergency, aviation, high-speed rail, community, enterprises and other large places emergency and so on. The virtual fire extinguishing system makes full use of the computer and network technology, through the three-dimensional web visualization technology to truly demonstrate the site and scene, through the interactive equipment, the use of visual, auditory, touch in the three-dimensional virtual environment to complete the task, not only safe, but also efficient.