The Chinese city rail vehicle first exported to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Beijing, Qingdao on September 2 (xinhua Hu Yaojie) car Qingdao sifang rolling stock co., LTD. 2 news, the local time on September 1, the company and the Brazilian Sao Paulo Intercity Railway Company (CPTM) signed in Sao Paulo 8 (64) city rail vehicle supply contract for equipment on Sao Paulo Line 13. This is the first city rail car order that Chinese companies have won in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mr. Gérardo Alkmin, Governor of Sao Paulo State, and Ms. Chen Peijie, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Sao Paulo, witnessed the signing of the contract.

Under the terms of the contract, China Shipping Quartet will provide 8 (64) urban rail vehicles for Sao Paulo Line 13 (CPTM 13). Vehicles for wide rail trains (gauge 1600mm), marshaling form four movesand four drags, the maximum operating speed is 90 km/h. The train will be based on the domestic mature A-type subway technology platform design, and integration of Brazil's technical standards system and local culture. At the same time, it will use derailment detection, water mist fire, ground - train 3G / 4G information transmission and other advanced security and information processing technology to ensure that the vehicle is fast, comfortable, but also has excellent safety performance. According to the plan, these vehicles are expected to begin delivery form 2019.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and even South America with a population of more than 20 million. Its urban rail transit system is well developed and currently operates more than ten lines, covering almost the entire city of Sao Paulo. The Sao Paulo Line 13 (CPTM13), which is under constructions, is 12.2 kilometers long and connects the city center of São Paulo and Guarulhos International Airport, andis the first airport line in Brazil and South America. Sao Paulo Intercity Railway Company on 2016 for the global tender for the purchase of operating vehicles for the line, Zhongche Sifang company to win in the international competition.

In recent years, China Shipping Quartet actively promote international operations, vigorously explore overseas markets, high-end rail transport equipment into the United States, Singapore, Argentina, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong and other global markets. The first in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil to win the first track, is the car in the Quartet following the export of Argentina after the inter-city EMU project in the South American market is another important breakthrough ,for the future continue to open up Brazil and even South America market has laid a solid foundation.