National 18 Railway Bureau to start the reform of the road changed its name to complete in November


China Railway Company system reform "one of three steps", China Railway has 18 railway bureau. The reform is accelerating. Finance reporter learned that the railway bureau reform has been launched in early September, as one of the signs of reform, the railway bureau renamed will be completed by the end of November 2017。Form 2018 the railway bureau will operate in the new system. China Railway General told reporters that the basic principles of the railway reform, the "railway a network" as a prerequisite, adhere to the total railway transport unified command of the railway, after the reform remains "head office - Railway Bureau - Grass - roots station ",the three - level transport management structure. The social responsibility of rail transport, key transport and other social responsibility still need to ensure, the purpose is to achieve the overall efficiency and efficiency of railway transport.

The source said the railway bureau will be reorganized as China Railway total sole proprietorship, while changing the name of the railway bureau. The current name is still to be determined.

The sources said that the company's leadership issues after the restructuring of the railway bureaus, will imply the "two-way entry, cross-serving" system. Chairman of the company, general manager of the party secretary, chairman of the board by a person, chairman of the company's legal representative, general manager of party members as deputy party secretary. At the same time, the qualified party committee members through the legal procedures to enter the board of directors, board of supervisors and managers; board of directors, board of supervisors and managers in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rules and procedures into the party committee.

In addition, the railway bureau does not have a shareholder meeting after the reorganization. It will establish the board of directors, board of supervisors and managers. And set up the party committee, the party committee to the direction of the overall situation, support the board of directors, board of supervisors, managers according to the law to perform their duties. At the same time it will establish employee directors, staff supervisors system.

After the establishment of the corporate governance structure, the new railway company will operate according to the new institutional mechanism, the board will play a decision-making role, and manager will play the management role. The new company's party committee will discuss the pre-procedure as a board of directors, the manager's decision-making major issues, the need for shareholder decision-making, made a decision by the China Railway General research, the relevant decision is placed in the company.

According to the Financial New Network had previously reported that the railway enterprise system reform in the first easy after the difficult principle, in three steps, The non-transport enterprises , belong to China Railway ,will enter the reform process at first, followed by China Railway total 18 railway (Company), and finally the China Railway Corporation.