Awesome!!! The key technology of the 2017 urban rail transit technology in China is BBS!


On the morning of April 20, by the Chinese academy of engineering of civil, water conservancy and architectural engineering division, civil engineering society of China urban rail transit technology branch and sponsored by the institution of civil construction in Henan province, Zhengzhou city rail transit co., LTD., Zhengzhou J&T Hi-Tech co., LTD. Supported by 2017 China's urban rail transit key technologies such as BBS and the 26th subway, academic exchange meeting was held in Zhengzhou.

This meeting in order to "green, safety, urban rail transit intelligent building technology and equipment" as the theme, and set the "green construction and key technology", "intelligence and big data" two points BBS.

At 9 a.m., the opening ceremony starts on time. Chen Huaping, deputy director of Henan provincial construction department, first made a speech at the opening ceremony and warmly welcomed the experts and leaders from all over the country and wished the meeting a complete success.

General manager Gao Zhisheng was invited to give a wonderful speech

Afternoon "intelligence and big data" BBS site, the company general manager Gao Zhisheng as the main guest, is the virtual reality technology power rail transport personnel training delivered an important speech on this topic, virtual reality technology was introduced in detail the importance of talent cultivation in the rail transit and technology advantage.

The three main points

☑ a, in the information technology and high-tech product constantly upgrading, the traditional training mode still USES the "master train an apprentice" training mode, which leads to low efficiency of training, training opportunities, technical equipment can't keep up with a series of problems such as less, already can't keep up with the speed and scale of urban rail transit development in our country.

☑ 2, VR virtual reality technology research and development of urban rail transit talent training provides the possibility of more efficient, high quality, its application in talent cultivation of urban rail transit, opens up a new training + the new mode of 3 d virtual simulation. The 3 d virtual technology combined with a realistic environment, with high efficiency, high quality, low cost, strong interest, learning easy, high level of a series of advantages, in the future trend of talent cultivation of urban rail transit.

☑ third, the company's core products, high total also made a brief introduction. Since the company was founded in 2002, independent research and development a JanVR simulation engine and development platform, products involved in rail traffic, safety test, virtual welding, national defense, general aviation five aspects. As a professional system virtual simulation training solution service provider, the core technology of the company has been continuously upgraded, and so far there have been many successful cases for reference and sharing.

The speech of urban rail transit industry personnel training provides a feasible solution, company of virtual simulation in umt industry deep 15 years dedicated spirit and the strength of the virtual simulation technology of rail transit is the height of the delegates.

After the meeting, Gao also accepted meeting media unit world rail transit magazine interview, is my company's core technology, successful cases, the main products such as a series of problems has made the detailed and complete answer, and think about the participation process, highly affirmed the meeting for industry development and the significance and function of technology innovation.