Maglev Simulation Driving Comprehensive System


System Overview:

The Maglev Simulation Driving System adopts the CGI mode to realize the sight glass simulation for constructing the fully 3D virtual environment. The trainee is able to carry out the of standard simulation driving, abnormal handling, emergency handling, preparation inspection, electric testing, brake test, etc. under the 3D environment for realizing the related maglev train operation and testing functions.

Full -featured

The system simulates the running performance and various running environment of the maglev train; it realizes the maglev train operation related various and testing functions and simulates the fault phenomena.

High Performance

The system meets the maglev train simulation running requirements in accuracy and real-time, and meets the high vivid simulation requirements in running environment.


The various equipment in the system are good in maintenance and operation and the maintenance cost of the system is relatively low.


The system adopts the advanced design concept and technology to meet the requirements in function, performance, expandability, etc.; the overall system technology is in the leading position in China and reaches the international advanced level of the period.