Tram Simulation Driving Comprehensive Training System


System Overview:

The system adopts the basic concept “Career Guidance and Skill Improvement” to carry out the product design and takes the “Teaching, Learning and doing” as the main line to create the training course system on basis of the working process. Meanwhile, the training product takes the enterprise technical regulation and standard as the training evaluation standard. The training site is constructed according to the actual work scene, equipment and operation process for meeting the trainee training environment.

The system meets the professional teaching & training requirements for the urban rail E-loco driver position, provides the highly simulation rail e-loco teaching & training platform corresponding to the actual system and builds the training environment while combining the physical equipment with the virtual simulation software. The system simulates the train operation interface, operation display device, control logic, driving environment, etc. through the virtual simulation scenery and equipment.

System Function:

All the electric, electronic, mechanical and pneumatic system logic and connection of the system are in consistence with the actual situation. The system could comprehensively and vivid simulate the running condition, operation feature, emergency, train accident, etc. under different environment. It can accomplish the trainee training, teaching guidance, teaching administration and testing functions.