EMU Traffic Multi-role Simulation System


System Overview:

The system is based on the new Decentralized Autonomous Centralized Train Control System. The traffic staff and the dispatch center operation personnel carry out the according to the actual operation procedure while cooperating with the virtual or real sand table system. The system could carry out the receiving and sending train process which is close to the actual situation in operation level. It enables the trainee to experience the receiving train operation and operation scenery for mastering the microcomputer device operation application and the capacity in fault handling.

It is used to train station attendant, signal staff, assistant attendant in the operation action application process, such as language, vision, fingering, checking, writing, monitoring, dispatch order, ticket, auditory signal, hand signal, etc.

The system is able to carry out the under normal and abnormal situation and regenerate the scenery of the emergency. It simulates the emergency occurrence, process and dealing process to train the train receiving and sending staff’s handling capability in command skill, report, contact, taking measures, etc. under abnormal situation.

Function Module:

Station Attendant Work Station

The main function contains: basic map, daytime plan, shift plan, station shunting plan, stage plan, dispatch order search and receiving; yard display of local station and adjacent station, section running status display; running log automatic record, storage and print; train marshalling and station train storage input submission; shunting plan edition and print; monitoring and control the plan execution and route of the local autonomic machine; alarm of local abnormal situation; temporary speed limit setting.

Station Signal Staff Work Station

The main function contains: station signal staff assistant attendant controls station signal devices, carries out the shunting operation and monitors the validity of the train route sequence.

Station Assistant Attendant Terminal

The main function contains: the Station Assistant Attendant Terminal constructs the virtual station and 3D train. The train station contains the complete station equipment such as track, platform, station building, etc. The assistant attendant could roaming inside the 3D station scenery and carry out the standard operation process such as: position of the received and sent train, monitoring signal change, monitoring the train entering station and so on. The train entering, stop, start and running synchronize with the yard picture.